iPhone has already begun to be used as payment terminals


So far only in Apple Park

In February, Apple announced a new system called Tap to Pay that allows individuals to accept contactless payments using only their iPhone as a payment terminal. This feature is already in use at Apple Park.

When Tap to Pay is active, the customer simply needs to place their NFC-enabled smartphone or bank card on top of the receiving phone. This will be a contactless transaction.

Apple stores are already testing this feature at the Apple Park Visitor Center. The new function of accepting contactless payments does not require additional hardware. All you need is an iPhone XS or newer.

As of now, this feature is not available to consumers – only to businesses through the Shopify and Adyen trading platforms.

There is speculation that Tap to Pay will be supported by Apple Pay Cash in iOS 16, allowing iPhone owners to send money to each other by simply holding their phones nearby.

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