iPhone 14 will receive a unique design. This you have not seen before


In the fall of 2022, Apple will unveil a new iPhone. And although there is still a lot of time left before the premiere of the 14th generation, leading insiders already know how the devices will look. A major redesign is coming, which everyone has been waiting for.

Even fans of the brand scold Apple for being too conservative. “Monobrow” in smartphones has been used for three years, although Android manufacturers have long since switched to tiny holes and even invisible subscreen cameras. Apple still has only one alternative – the iPhone SE with a design from 2014, which is bought by people who are not used to the notch.

But since the company has made bangs in the new MacBook Pros, it will have to come to terms – experimenting with displays will not go anywhere. Apple simply cannot be “like everyone else.”

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman reports that the iPhone 14 will lose its all-in-one, but will receive an oval cutout right in the center of the screen. The “larva” will have a built-in front camera, Face ID unlock sensor, earpiece and other sensors. None of the competitors have exactly such an implementation of the cutout. We saw something similar in Huawei and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but there the “larva” was located in the corner of the screen.

Inside Gourmet was confirmed by top analyst Min-chi Kuo and the Korean resource The Elec, who referred to sources in Samsung (Apple orders screens from Koreans). All experts are confident that the iPhone 14 will definitely receive a redesign, but it has not yet been confirmed which models it will affect. There is a possibility that the base iPhone 14 and 14 Max (replacing the unpopular Mini-version) will come out with classic bangs, and only the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will have a fresh design. In this case, more affordable versions of the flagships Apple will give “innovations” only in the fifteenth generation.