iPhone 14 hasn’t been released yet, and Samsung is already trolling it


How interesting it is when subtle or not very obvious trolling occurs in the world of electronics. For example, some companies tease others by making fun of the features of their devices. Most often this occurs between Apple and Samsung. At the same time, it is the Korean company that is most noted for this. As soon as the new iPhone comes out, especially if it has flaws, the company’s PR people simply cannot ignore it and quickly shoot videos ridiculing the novelty. But sometimes they work ahead of the curve and immediately say that you don’t even have to wait for a new smartphone, but you can just buy now the Samsung that is on the market at the moment. And this year was no exception.

When will the iPhone 14 be released

Often, Samsung’s trolling turns out to be quite comical, not only from the point of view of the sharp mind of the script writers, but also from the point of view of the result. Simply put, trolling turns out to be a little stupid . This time around, the company took the easy route, rushing a few days before the iPhone 14 launch on September 7 to ridicule features that definitely fall short of Samsung’s solutions. At least in numbers.

“Get ready for Apple’s upcoming presentation as you enter a world where everyone will turn, but not in your direction,” the announcer notes in a new Samsung video promoting the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

How Samsung is better than Apple

For now, it just looks like a desire to insert at least something about the iPhone into your ad, the release of which is waiting for the whole world of gadgets. But that’s not all, and the company does not stop further, starting to list the advantages of its devices .

And here is the video itself:


The video talks about features that are not available in Apple devices. At least in this generation, the probability of their occurrence is extremely small. One of the first called the folding case capabilities of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. They say that Apple has not done what Samsung has been releasing for several years.

Samsung camera vs iPhone camera

It is also noted that the Samsung camera has a resolution of 108 megapixels. Given that the iPhone still offers 12MP and is rumored to be getting one of the 48MP modules, that seems like a lot. That’s just a trick, which in reality does not improve the quality of the pictures. iPhone even with 12 megapixels is one of the leaders in digital photography, not to mention video, where no one can compare with it.

Foldable phones deserve special mention.

A lunar regime is also mentioned , but this is not worth commenting at all. We have a saying in the editorial office about the usefulness of such functions, which says that “it will come in handy when you are standing on top of a mountain and you need to transfer a file to an eagle flying by.”

The only advantage that we can really more or less agree with is the 10x periscope camera of the S22 Ultra. This can really come in handy. But, honestly, how often have you missed such an increase?

What Samsung copied from Apple

The most interesting thing here is that Samsung has an interesting feature. The company not only makes fun of what Apple does not have, but often follows its path, repeating even negative things after it. So, for example, the Galaxy manufacturer ridiculed Apple for not having a headphone jack, but very soon abandoned it himself. Before that, they boasted about the headphones in the kit, but in the next generation they themselves removed them from the box.

Memory cards were also sent to the dustbin of history. And the Korean company laughed a lot about the fact that Apple did not have a charger in the kit, and just a couple of months later released a phone without it.

Now we won’t even remember how Samsung at the presentation of the Galaxy S22 promised to reduce the display refresh rate to 1 Hz, and then they wrote on the site in the specs that the minimum value was 48 Hz. All this shows Samsung not from the best side, but this does not make its behavior and Apple trolling less interesting. So let’s watch the video above again, discuss it in the comment section and imagine how Samsung’s nose will rise when the Galaxy S23 comes out with a 200 MP camera .

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