iPhone 14 has passed rigorous durability tests; The device is reliable and does not break not break!

  • September 20, 2022

Buying an iPhone, people expect the phone to work for them for a long time. To do this, the gadget has everything you need – a long period of support for updates and, of course, a durable case. And just how durable is it? Zach Nelson, the author of the popular JerryRigEverything channel, figured it out. In his new video, he subjected the new iPhone 14 to a tough crash test.

First, the author noted an interesting feature of the iPhone 14. The back panel of the gadget is not glued to the body, like the iPhone 14 Pro, so it can be easily removed. The cost of a replacement has been reduced to $169, while a similar repair for the Pro version will cost $499 – a rare generosity from Apple.

Moving on to the test, the blogger found that the Ceramic Shield glass begins to scratch when exposed to a blade of the seventh degree of hardness – this is an excellent indicator. The same material protects the front camera lens. Then it was the turn of the aluminum frame. It is quite expected that it was possible to scratch it without much difficulty.

After testing the strength of the main camera, protected by sapphire crystal, the blogger came to the conclusion that Apple is not using the most durable material, since scratches began to appear when exposed to a blade of the sixth degree of hardness, and not the eighth, as expected.

The display of the gadget survived a long meeting with fire deplorably. Pixels burned out, and the ability to adjust the brightness was gone. But Zak failed to break the device in half – neither with the front nor with the back grip, the device did not make a sound and did not bend even a millimeter. So the iPhone 14 has proven to be a very durable device.