iOS free launcher suddenly became a hit all Android smartphone (Try it out)


iOS free launcher suddenly became a hit all Android smartphone (Try it out)

iOS on any Android smartphone: the free launcher suddenly became a hit, try it

For Android smartphones, there are many different launchers with which you can transform the familiar “green robot” interface. Stands out among them Launcher iOS 16 . This absolutely free application that allows you to recreate the smallest details of the apple interface on Android has suddenly become a real hit on the Play Market.

The author has been releasing software for three years already – starting with iOS 13, and regularly updates it, making iOS chips available to users of any smartphones. In the current iOS 16 launcher, the Force Touch menu, branded widgets, a library of installed applications, and much more are available. Even program icons have been transferred: messages, notes and camera look like on iOS 16.

It is noteworthy that in this case, the shell provides access to some features that are not available on the iPhone. In particular, in Launcher iOS 16, you can customize the animation on the main screen and rename applications.

The Google Play statistics of the application are excellent – with 50 million downloads, it has a 4.8 star rating and thousands of positive reviews. In short, if the familiar Android design is boring and you want to try something new, try Launcher iOS 16 .

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