Interpol arrested 2,000 phone scammers and seized $50 million


In total, about 4 thousand bank accounts were frozen

A massive Interpol operation earlier this week seized $50 million in illicit funds and arrested 2,000 alleged scammers from around the world.

Interpol conducted a wide-ranging investigation into ubiquitous internet schemes in which cybercriminals tricked netizens into divulging sensitive information and then deceived them.

The two-month operation, codenamed First Light 2022, was coordinated by Interpol and local police agencies around the world, according to a press release.

During the investigation, police said they identified 3,000 different suspects, froze 4,000 bank accounts, arrested “about 2,000 operators, scammers and money launderers” and raided 1,770 locations around the world.

Among those detained was a Chinese citizen who was wanted in connection with a fraudulent scheme that involved some 24,000 victims and stole 34 million euros, according to police.