Internet Explorer is dead. Microsoft asks everyone to switch to another browser



Internet Explorer is dead

Internet Explorer is living its last days, and Microsoft is reminding users that support for this long-suffering browser will soon end. Its fate was sealed – IE has long been outdated morally and technically. From a once really useful program, it has turned into a funny meme that personifies eternal brakes.

In the letters that Microsoft sends out to corporate customers, there is even a date for the “funeral” of IE – June 15 this year. From this date, the company will no longer release updates, fix bugs, and deal with regular security issues. And browser users will be vulnerable to attackers who manage to discover a new security loophole.

And soon Internet Explorer will not be able to provide compatibility with modern Internet protocols. So even the most conservative people are better off installing a different browser in advance. Microsoft recommends Edge, it is installed by default in new versions of Windows and is really good. Finally, it is worth saying that for many, the retirement of Internet Explorer is not an ordinary event, but another symbol of a passing era and a reason for nostalgia. Goodbye IE, you were fun.