Innovations in iOS 16 that have already been in Android


There are enough of them

Every year when Google and Apple release their OS updates, they always have features that were inspired by each other. So 9to5google talked about the most important iOS 16 features that Google made first and Android phones can use right now.

The new lock screen in iOS 16 looks fantastic. However, Google has an At a Glance widget that has been giving you this kind of information for a long time, which is just about to come to iOS and which also “predicts” what you might need.

A much smaller feature that Apple has added is Live Activities, which allows apps to add a widget to the bottom of the lock screen with information such as sports scores or time until a taxi arrives. Basically, it’s similar to Android notifications, which have been available to app developers for years to use on Android.

In iOS 16, the Photos app can now automatically share your family’s photos in a shared album that everyone in the family can access. Google Photos has been doing this for at least two years now. It has all the same features as Apple, but is not limited to Apple products.

Dictation in the new version of iOS now lets you edit and interact with what you dictate. You can tap and delete items, or just tell the phone what you want to do and it will do it. In addition, it now automatically arranges punctuation marks.

These dictation features are almost a direct clone of Google’s voice assistant for typing. It has the same features of interacting with text as you type, voice control of what you’ve already typed, and correct punctuation.