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Who is Inna? (Biography)

Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (born 16 October 1986), known professionally as Inna, is a Romanian singer and songwriter. Born in Mangalia and raised in Neptun.

The bright incendiary brunette Elena Apostoleanu became famous as Inna – it was under this name that she was recognized far beyond her native country when the song Hot became an international hit.

Since then, she has traveled half the world with tours and released more than seven albums, becoming the highest paid Romanian singer according to Forbes.

Inna Childhood and youth

Elena was born on October 16, 1986 in Mangalia, a Romanian resort town located on the Black Sea coast. The singer grew up in an atmosphere of acceptance and parental love: the family supported all her undertakings.

She could not imagine life without music: from childhood she listened to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, fell in love with Pink as a teenager .

In her spare time, the girl constantly practiced rehashing her favorite songs. When the turn came to get a professional education, Elena first studied at the college as an economist, and then studied political science at the university.


Inna began to seriously engage in music in 2007. Then she signed the first contract with the production center, then she tried her luck in the selection for Eurovision, but did not pass.

But already 2 years later, the whole of Europe started talking about Inna. The aspiring singer released her first single Hot in November 2008.

By December, it already stormed the top of the main Romanian charts, and six months later conquered the music market in Europe and Russia, where it was among the main dance hits of the summer.

The track Déjà Vu, released as a duet with Bob Taylor, consolidated the success, and as a result, the debut album Hot released in Poland went gold a month and a half after the release.

The next album, I Am the Club Rocker, was released in 2011. It contained the hit Sun Is Up, which reached the top 3 of the charts in Romania, Bulgaria, France, Switzerland and Russia and was recognized in 2010 as the best European dance track.

Decline in popularity

Since then, the discography of the Romanian singer has been regularly updated with new records, but her popularity has declined. The new songs were incendiary and danceable, but the success of the first hits could not be repeated.

Nevertheless, Inna continued to tour Europe and Latin America, where she also formed a devoted army of fans. No wonder some of the singer’s songs were addressed to the Spanish-speaking listener, and the 2019 disc YO was recorded entirely in Spanish.

Inna’s seventh album, Heartbreaker, recorded during the pandemic. Inna, with the authors and producers, lived for three weeks in a rented mansion, where they were busy recording the album.

The singer covered the process of its creation daily in a vlog on YouTube . There was a lot of material, and for the final release, she had to choose 10 out of 50 ready-made songs.

A single from the album called Flashbacks was released in February 2021 and hit the top international radio stations. In terms of sound, the song turned out to be close to the first Hot album and brought back “the same Inna”, to which millions of listeners around the world danced at the end of the 2000s.

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Personal life

The slender singer with a height of 163 cm weighs only 45 kg, and therefore looks elegant, miniature and seductive. For her impeccable parameters, Inna thanks genetics: to stay in shape, she does not have to make special efforts.

However, during the pandemic, the celebrity started going to the gym because her usual level of daily activity decreased. In addition, Inna loves cycling and skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding in winter.

The singer generously shares photos on social networks and frankly admits that she does not dare to post natural pictures without filters, taking advantage of the fact that on her page you can be who you want to appear.

Inna is in no hurry to reveal the secrets of her personal life, only telling that she has a boyfriend. In their free time, the couple walks, travels and, according to the singer, “leads a normal life.”

Inna now

Now Inna continues to make music. In 2022, her eighth studio album, called Champagne Problems, was released.

It was released on the Global Records label, where the singer invests her own money as a partner. The record is sustained in the usual pop style for the performer with the addition of Latin American motifs and reggaeton.

The recording process of the album lasted 16 days and was covered on the singer’s YouTube channel, resulting in a kind of mini-series.

The track Always On My Mind, which has everything that fans appreciate Inna for: danceability, rhythm, energetic vocals – in a word, “impeccable club pop”.



    • 2009 – Hot
    • 2011 – I Am the Club Rocker
    • 2013 – Party Never Ends
    • 2015 — Inna
    • 2017 – Nirvana
    • 2019 – Yo
    • 2020-Heartbreaker
    • 2022 – Champagne Problems


  • 2020 — Discoteka
  • 2019-Bebe
  • 2020 – Not My Baby
  • 2020 – VKTM
  • 2018 – Me Gusta
  • 2020 – Read My Lips
  • 2021- Cool Me Down
  • 2021 – It Don’t Matter
  • 2021-Papa
  • 2021 – Up
  • 2022 – Tare

Inna Interesting Facts

  1. As a child, her grandfather is called Elena Inna, and therefore she took this name as her stage name.
  2. The singer’s favorite alcoholic drink is beer.
  3. The star knows a couple of words from dozens of languages ​​and uses it at concerts to please foreign listeners. In Russian, she can count to three and say “thank you”, “come on” and “I love you”.
  4. Inna is afraid of air travel and, despite the constant need to move between countries and continents, every time she struggles with panic, boarding the plane.
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