IDC Top 5 Most Popular Tablets in Q1 2022


The research company IDC, which recently announced the top five best-selling smartphones in the world, made a similar selection about tablets. The situation here is even simpler and more eloquent: four out of five models are Apple solutions.

Moreover, the most affordable iPad (2021) tops the ranking, followed by the relatively new iPad Mini 6 (2021) and iPad Pro (2021). And only on the fourth line is the budget Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

Rounds out the top five iPad Air (2020). The report is based on figures for the first quarter of 2022, during which Apple tablets accounted for 31.8% of the market. The second line is occupied by Samsung with 21.8%, and the third position went to Amazon (9.8%). Thus, Apple’s dominance in the tablet market has been going on for the 12th year.


Top 5 Most Popular Tablets in Q1 2022