IDC Top 5 Most Popular Smartphones in Q1 2022


Following Xiaomi’s not the most rosy financial report, the IDC research company decided to share its findings.

Experts have announced the top five best-selling smartphones in the global market in the first quarter of 2022.

Contrary to tradition, when the first places go to budget, but extremely mass models of Samsung or Xiaomi, this time the expensive iPhone 13 took the first place.

It is even more surprising that the top iPhone 13 Pro Max is on the second line, and only on the third – Samsung Galaxy A12.


Top 5 Most Popular Smartphones in Q1 2022


And if that didn’t seem enough, the fourth position also went to Apple – this time it’s about the iPhone 13 Pro.

Well, the balanced Galaxy A32 concludes the top five. Previously, we also published a similar report on the 10 most popular Android smartphones for February 2022, where, paradoxically, the Galaxy A12 is not even listed.


Top 5 Most Popular Smartphones in Q1 2022
iPhone 13


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