HTC is back: the new smartphone is already undergoing certification


HTC has not released new smartphones for almost three years: apart from products that are developed and distributed under contract by the Chinese company FortuneShip. The latest HTC innovations are the U19e and Desire 19+, announced back in June 2019.

And even they were released only in Taiwan, and HTC has not had international sales since 2018. It seems that the situation will change very soon: the Dutch company Telefication reported that it checked a certain HTC 2QBK200 for compliance with Japanese law.

We don’t know why HTC went all the way to a Dutch company to get their smartphone certified in Japan, but the previous HTC to do so was the U12+.


Unfortunately, Telefication didn’t provide any details about the phone’s specs at all; by indirect evidence, it can be judged that it supports 4G, but almost all modern smartphones support 4G (nothing is said about 5G support – it may or may not).

It is quite possible that behind the 2QBK200 index lies the “flagship for the metaverse”, the development of which the company’s management told in early March.

We are waiting for new details about the new HTC. We hope that the company will be able to carry out its plans and present the smartphone to the general public, even outside the Republic of China.

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