How to wash windows on high floors: instructions



The closer spring is, the more often you have to think about washing windows – you don’t want to look at the renewing landscape through muddy dirty glasses. Above zero temperature, increased daylight hours – it would seem that the most suitable conditions in order to finally clean up.

Take a mop, a rag – and go! But this fun spring adventure becomes a real challenge if you live high up. We have collected some useful and simple tips on how to safely and efficiently clean the windows in a high-rise building apartment from accumulated winter dirt and dust.

Security measures

Before you start, you need to think about “insurance”. Even if you’ve never been afraid of heights, looking down is easy to lose your balance. No, you don’t need bulky equipment – special harnesses are enough. They can be attached to any stable object (like really heavy furniture) and the secure mounting will hold any weight. A safety harness can be purchased at any hardware store.



But we’ll make a reservation right away: we DO NOT advise you to lean out while washing windows, and it is better to use a safety belt just as a safety net, in the most extreme case. Don’t get out of the window! Even quite a bit, even a couple of centimeters. Try to stay inside the apartment. And even a large window can be washed with long-handled tools and other devices, which we will discuss below.

Step by step preparation

So, in order to comfortably organize the process, prepare everything you need in advance:

Step 1. A separate set of clothes. The main criterion is not something that is not a pity to get dirty and thrown away, but something that will be comfortable to stretch in all sorts of poses. Clothing should not restrict movement. Choose the right shoes – sneakers with flat, non-slip soles are best.

Step 2. Prepare equipment and inventory. Get a stepladder if the windows are too high and allocate a separate place for all the tools so that they are at hand at the same time and do not interfere with your work.

Step 3. Get a few buckets of water. Add detergent to one, and fill several others with clean water. It will be much more convenient than picking up a new container each time and carrying excess dirt around the apartment, dragging buckets back and forth.

Tools and Gadgets

It all depends on the type of windows. Folding – the easiest option, because you do not need special tools to wash them. It is enough just to open the windows inside the apartment. Moreover, the sashes are often removable, which further simplifies the process.

Double-glazed windows require additional effort, since the design contains blind sashes, which, moreover, are usually located in the center, which makes them the most difficult to reach.

For such situations, you will need special tools:

  • Sponges and scrapers with long handles. A budget and reliable method that has one drawback – such tools are not mobile and can be easily dropped during use.
  • Telescopic brushes and mops. Outwardly, they look like ordinary sponge mops, but the handles of such tools are folded, which allows you to adjust the angle and length and reach even the most inaccessible areas without protruding.
  • Magnetic brushes. A special device consisting of two magnetic parts: a felt pad and a scraper. Usually, the parts are additionally connected with a rope so that one of them is definitely not lost in the process. With this device, you can wash the glass from the outside and from the inside at the same time. Tip : Before buying, it is important to clarify the width and thickness of your glasses – the desired model is selected according to these parameters.
  • Steam generators. Steam cleaners can be used not only for clothes: there are special nozzles designed for cleaning glass surfaces. The advantage of this method is that you do not need any detergents. In addition, with the use of steam, you not only clean, but also disinfect the surface at the same time.
  • Cleaning robots. The most technologically advanced and convenient option. Moreover, this method was invented specifically for cleaning panoramic windows in multi-storey buildings. The robot is equipped with all necessary nozzles and a control panel. The unit is securely attached to the glass using special magnets or vacuum sensors (depending on the model). Not the cheapest, but the safest option. By the way, you can not buy them, but rent them.



It is important to choose products that quickly dissolve dirt. Please note that there should be no hard particles in the solution – they can scratch the glass.

Cleaning products can be divided into aerosols and solutions. Aerosols are effective, but spraying on a limited area of ​​glass is not the best option if you have large and tall windows.

Before using the solution, read the composition. It should not contain alcohols and abrasive substances, they spoil the surface. Tip: Whichever product you choose, always use gloves as the solutions contain active chemicals.

You can also use improvised means. For example, dishwashing gel, vinegar and ammonia. This is a budget and convenient option, but be prepared that such products must be thoroughly washed with clean water, otherwise there will be stains.

General method of actions

  1. Which glass to wash first – outside or inside – there is no consensus. Often washed from the outside in – the outer glass is usually dirtier, and this dirt can get on clean surfaces.
  2. Remember that the detergent must be applied in a dense layer and not washed off for some time so that the dirt gets wet well and “moves away”.
  3. Particularly dirty glass can be washed in two passes: first, remove the dirty water with a scraper, and then rinse off the detergent residue with clean water.
  4. After the glass is clean, gently wash the frame and the remaining parts of the window.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, wipe with microfiber.
  6. Remove the remaining moisture with a scraper.


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