How to warm your apartment after turning off the heating?


At the end of spring of each year, many residents of city apartments suffer from cold. The fact is that when the air temperature outside begins to stay above 8 degrees Celsius for more than five days, service organizations turn off the heating.

If the temperature drops and persists for about a week, heat should be given again. Unfortunately, in late April and early May, the weather changes very often and it is sometimes impossible to wait for the heating to be turned on again.

And in general, some people begin to freeze even at the optimum temperature – what to do to keep warm? In some cases, people begin to use a gas stove more often, but this can cause fires, explosions and poisoning.

This problem is more relevant today than ever, so let’s find out what other ways to keep warm exist. Some are available for free, but there are those that require investment. But what won’t you do for the sake of comfort?

Improving the thermal insulation of the apartment

The normal temperature of the human body is 36.6 degrees, that is, we ourselves are good heating pads. After turning off the heating, you need to make sure that the heat available at home does not go away for as long as possible.

In most apartments, plastic windows have long been installed, but over time they begin to let in the cold. If old windows can be insulated with masking tape and cotton wool, this trick will not work with modern windows.

As an alternative, you can lay an unnecessary, but thick blanket on the windowsill – this will reduce the flow of cold air. As an additional protection, you can hang blackout curtains on the windows to the floor, which will not allow the cold to penetrate from the outside.

The condition of the windows must be constantly monitored, because they can let in the cold

Particular attention should be paid to the front door – the newer it is, the better. If not, close the doors tightly. If the apartment has large rooms, it is better to refuse them while the heating is turned off, because it is much easier to warm a small room.

You can find cold spots with a thermal imager

Use of natural heat

In most cases, it is cold outside in spring due to the northern winds. But the sun shines quite warmly, and on such days it is better to open the curtains and let the sunlight warm the apartment. It is very good if there is a dark carpet or any other material on the floor – as we know, black attracts sunlight.

On sunny days, you need to let the light warm the apartment

The benefits of physical activity

When a person is cold, it is recommended that he move more often – so the blood circulates better in the body and distributes heat.

So during the period of turning off the heating, you can’t sit at the computer for hours or lie on the couch, because this will certainly lead to a feeling of cold. In general, a sedentary lifestyle is dangerous in itself – we have already written about this earlier.

In order not to freeze, you need to move more

Warm clothes for home

Of course, in a cold apartment it is better to dress warmly. On a naked body, it is best to wear something made of cotton. After it, a wool sweater is ideal, and only then something made of synthetics. This combination leaves enough air between the clothes to prevent heat from escaping.

At the same time, it is important to ensure that the clothing allows the skin to breathe, otherwise overheating may occur, in which there is nothing good. If you sweat in a cold apartment, you can freeze even more. And it’s not far from a cold there.

It is logical that in the cold you need to dress warmer, but you need to do it wisely

What not to do to keep warm

The tips mentioned above are safe, but you can find bad advice on the Internet. For example, some people heat their apartment with a gas stove. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this can lead to fire, poisoning, and other terrible consequences .

Sometimes, to keep warm, people cook more often. This is a good option, but if a lot of steam is generated during cooking, the resulting heat will quickly turn into cold due to the increased humidity of the air.

Also, some people make the mistake of closing all the cracks to the last – apartments should always be well ventilated. Well, in no case should you try to warm yourself with alcohol, because it only expands the blood vessels on the surface of the body, and the internal organs lose heat at the same time.

A gas stove is the most dangerous thing during a power outage

Quick ways to warm up an apartment

The methods mentioned above are free, but they take time and are not always effective. Of course, there are simpler ways to warm an apartment – we live in a high-tech time when you can always buy a heater or other similar device.

Buy a good heater

Usually every house has a heater in case the heating goes out. They consume quite a lot of energy, but they are ways to warm the air in any room, especially a small one, in the shortest possible time. It is only important to remember that in no case should the heater be covered with a blanket or directed close to the wall – a fire may occur .

Today there are heaters with Wi-Fi and other convenient features.

A good heater can be bought for about $30.

Install underfloor heating

Waking up early in the morning and standing barefoot on the cold floor – what could be worse? It is better to take care of the consequences of turning off the heating in advance and lay underfloor heating that runs on electricity.

Judging by the reviews, it takes only a couple of hours to install them, and that’s it, every morning will be good.

Underfloor heating is not such an expensive pleasure, given the convenience

Buy a warm rug

There is a cheaper option – do not cover the entire room with a heated coating, but take a small heated rug. They consume less electricity and are placed anywhere, but best of all by the bed or sofa.

Heated carpet – a budget option for underfloor heating

Finally, I want to ask – how are you doing with heating? Maybe during periods of heat cuts you want to move to a country house?

Let us know your thought in the comment section, or in our telegram chat.