How to upgrade any AirPods. 7 tips to make your headphones sound better

  • September 1, 2022

Apple AirPods are great wireless headphones, especially if you’re an iPhone owner. They sound good on their own, but the sound quality can be made even better with some simple manipulations. All it takes is a few tweaks to the settings and a couple of cheap accessories.

Our colleagues from iphones.ru rolled out material with life hacks, here are the main theses.

Four universal actions that can improve the sound of any AirPods.

  1. Turn the bass up to the max. Weak bass is a common problem with all Apple headphones, especially in-ears. This shortcoming can be partially compensated by setting the maximum bass value in the equalizer.
  2. Set the sound quality to high in the settings (but not Lossless). The minimum bitrate cuts the upper range of the audio track, and wireless headphones cannot play full-fledged Lossless. AAC 256 Kb / s will be the golden mean.
  1. Enhance the sound quality for mobile internet broadcasting . In addition to the quality of downloaded music and streaming over Wi-Fi, Apple Music allows you to separately set up an LTE connection – if you often listen to music outside the home, do not miss this item.
  2. Turn off the track volume correction function. It has a bad effect on the quality of the final sound.
  3. Buy extra nozzles. Small silicone eartips improve the isolation from external sounds in the base AirPods, and at the same time, the headphones stop falling out of the ears. The issue price is 50 rubles on AliExpress.

Below are tips for in-ear AirPods Pro owners:

  1. Turn off spatial audio. The effect of presence is, of course, good, only it lubricates the nuances and spoils the detail of the composition.
  2. Install the largest available ear cushions. They will still fit into your ears, and the surround sound with better sound insulation will become more impressive.

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