How to unsend and edit a message in iMessage


At the presentation on June 6, which took place as part of the WWDC 2022 conference, Apple introduced new features for its iMessage messenger. In the new version, it becomes possible to edit an already sent message or, if you change your mind, cancel sending.

These functions have been successfully working in Telegram for a long time, and WhatsApp only lacks the ability to edit. Let’s consider how the innovations work, what are the restrictions and what the addressee will see if the message is edited or canceled.


Editing iMessages

Editing a message outwardly practically does not differ from the usual sending.

The first thing to do in order to use the new features is to make sure your iPhone has iOS 16 installed. At the moment, the operating system exists only as a beta version, so you perform all actions at your own peril and risk. Before installation, do not forget to create backup copies so as not to lose data.

After installing iOS 16 on your smartphone, you need to follow these steps to edit messages:

  • Open the Messages app;
  • Go to the desired conversation and find the message you want to edit;
  • Hold your finger on it until the context menu opens;
  • Click the “Edit” button;
  • Make the necessary changes and submit using the blue checkmark.

However, Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it didn’t add one very important limitation. The message can only be edited within 15 minutes after it was sent. If more time has passed, then this option is not available.

Most likely, Cupertino did this for ideological reasons, so that some important facts that serve as proof of something could not be corrected and distorted over time. Note that even with such a restriction, the presence of such a possibility is better than its absence.

Cancel sending iMessage

The canceled message disappears with a beautiful animation.

To use the function to cancel sending messages , you need the same preparatory work – install iOS 16 on your iPhone . After installing iOS 16 on your smartphone, to cancel sending messages, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the Messages app;
  • Go to the desired conversation and find the message you want to cancel;
  • Hold your finger on it until the context menu opens;
  • Click the Cancel Send button.

To cancel sending , the same restrictions apply as for editing – actions can only be performed within 15 minutes after sending. Below the message, “Sending Canceled” will be displayed. The recipient will also have access to information that the message has been deleted. This is very similar to WhatsApp showing “This message has been deleted” instead of a canceled message.

It’s important to keep in mind that if the recipient is using an earlier version of iOS, you won’t be able to unsend or edit the message. More precisely, it will turn out, but everything will be displayed in the original version. This feature must be constantly kept in mind, otherwise there will be a lot of people who quarreled because of inattention.

In fact, Apple has not introduced something new, it’s all been in other instant messengers. The implementation of new features, as it happens in the spirit of Apple, is done with certain restrictions, but the main thing is that everything works. iMessage users are gradually making progress.