How to tell if your neighbors are stealing your Wi-Fi


And how to protect yourself from it

Expert, Maxim Nazarenko, has explained how to determine that your neighbors decided to steal your Wi-Fi, that is, connect to it and use the services for free.

If you have such suspicions, you should disconnect all home gadgets from the router. If after that the indicator on it continues to blink, then the device continues to be used. You can also download a mobile application for detecting Wi-Fi thieves.

It can even determine the number of devices connected to the network, their IP address on the local network, sometimes the model, brand or operating system.

To protect against theft, you should first set a strong password. “Do not use the names of household members or pets: after all, your neighbors probably know them. Come up with a complex combination with letters of different registers and numbers. When installing a new router, be sure to change the factory password to a personal one, ”said the specialist.

It is also worth updating the router software regularly. An additional way: setting up the router’s antenna, which will allow you to connect devices that are only in the perimeter of your apartment to it. But here you need the help of a specialist.

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