How to store high heel shoes



When organizing your wardrobe, the hardest part is storing your shoes. Moreover, if with most of the seasonal shoes – basic and the most ordinary boots, for example – everything is more or less clear, then with more exotic options the situation is already more complicated. For example, high heels: what to do with them and where to fold them compactly so as not to spoil them?

With the storage of shoes with heels, a regular metal grill will help you. An important detail: the metal itself must be coated with something (lacquer, paint, polymer) so as not to damage the shoe material.

Install such a lattice in the hallway or in the closet for storing clothes: hang it vertically against the wall or horizontally from above, parallel to the floor. “Stick” the heels into the holes in the grate in pairs. And that’s it!

Thanks to this method, your favorite wardrobe items will always be in sight and will fit exactly in the wardrobe. The shoes themselves will not suffer with this storage option: thanks to the lattice, the shoes will be stored separately from each other, so there can be no wear in the coating purely physically.

This is a gentle storage method that is easy to organize with your own hands and will help organize your wardrobe.

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