How to set up a sports corner at home



The closer the summer, the more willing to put on a sports uniform and start doing something active. We support such undertakings and just in case we remind you that there are about a thousand different ways to enjoy the process!

You can and should go in for sports regularly, and for this you don’t have to go somewhere – you can find space for workouts even in the smallest apartment, and we will help you choose compact and stylish equipment.

Balance board

Let’s be honest, most trainers look bulky and don’t really fit into the interior, which can not be said about the balance board – tiny, aesthetic and quite stylish. Even if you do not use it, it will create the atmosphere of a surf spot by its mere presence.

Of the other non-obvious advantages – in addition to balance training, on the board you can do push-ups, squats and do many other workouts for different muscle groups. And, of course, we promise, it will become the star of any home party. The main thing is to find a safe place for him, away from tables, bedside tables and all that.

yoga mat

We say “yoga mat”, but we understand that you can do almost anything on it. It is useful for performing simple stretching, and for a full-fledged workout with your own weight.

Using a rug is not just an attribute for decoration. A mat will give you better grip during vigorous exercise, protect you from injury, and make some exercises more comfortable, like push-ups from your knees. Another advantage is hygroscopicity: in human terms, the rugs absorb sweat from the human body, which also makes the surface less slippery.

Well, the last argument – a beautiful rug perfectly motivates you to play sports.

Rubber bands for fitness

Introducing another functional and compact simulator – rubber bands for fitness. They create an additional load when performing exercises for different muscle groups and turn a regular workout into a power one.

That is, roughly speaking, dumbbells and kettlebells can be replaced with rubber bands with different levels of resistance.

Rubber bands come in two types: there is a cheaper latex version and a more expensive fabric one. The advantage of the latter is that they do not twist during exercise, are pleasant to the skin and last longer.


There is no particular need to tell how to use weight equipment and how it can diversify a home workout, turning it into a full strength one. Let’s just say that we recommend that you realistically assess your strengths and not jump above what your body is capable of.

If you plan to meet Schwarzenegger in a couple of months and don’t want to look thin compared to him, take collapsible dumbbells that allow you to gradually increase the load. You can also use them as a kettlebell or barbell.

If the plans so far only make the morning exercises a little heavier, then take a closer look at the compact and bright dumbbells. The main thing is to choose the weight that is right for you.

Foam roller

Many people already know that training should begin with a warm-up and end with a hitch. But real fitness gurus add to these two points the obligatory self-massage with a roller – it is also a myofascial release, MFR.

By rolling over clogged and tense muscles on such a roller, you will help them recover and relax faster. And this, in turn, reduces the likelihood of injury and significantly increases the effectiveness of training. Well, let’s be honest, massage is just nice.

When choosing a roller, rely on how clogged your muscles are. If you feel constant tension and discomfort, take the most ordinary soft roll, it will be easier to “wash” the clamps on it. If you are an advanced MFR fan, you can also look in the direction of more serious relief rollers.

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