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There are a lot of interesting videos on TikTok, and given the specifics of any video hosting, users watch the video, laugh and scroll further, instantly forgetting its content. But the most interesting thing is that sooner or later you remember this video, you want to find it, but you can’t. But each of the users can easily look at the story on TikTok to find the very cool sketch or life hack for home renovation. We tell you how to do it.

The social network does not store browsing history, but there are several ways to find videos on TikTok that you have liked, bookmarked or request viewing history.

How to find videos on TikTok

Users upload millions of videos every day. In order to respond to it, users like it or add it to bookmarks so as not to lose it. This is the best way not to lose the video, then revisit it or save it for important negotiations. The easiest way on TikTok is to double-tap the video, so all the videos will be in a special section. Finding them is very easy.

Liked videos from TikTok are stored in a separate tab

  • Log in to the TikTok app.
  • Click “Profile” in the lower right corner.
  • Your page will open. You need to click on the tab with a heart.

Ready! This is how you can watch TikTok videos that you once liked.

Another less convenient way is to add a video to your Favorites on TikTok using the button on the right side of the screen. The difference between a like and a favorite is that you can save the video to your history, but it won’t change your preferences or change the recommendations. Something like Apple Music: save something from rock to your phone, but the service will not then offer it to you all the time. Finding a Favorite video on TikTok is easy.

Videos from Favorites are also collected in a separate group

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Click “Profile” at the bottom.
  • Select the Favorites icon.

Ready! It will contain videos that you watched and left as a note, but did not like.

How to Hide Liked Videos on Tik Tok

Other users can view uploaded TikTok videos on your page if it is open. It is pointless to close it, otherwise it is difficult to become popular. But it makes sense to hide the videos you like on your page. You can block the viewing of your favorite videos .

  • Go to TikTok, click on “Profile”.
  • Tap the three bars in the top right corner.
  • Select Settings & Privacy.
  • Click “Privacy” and scroll down the list.
  • Select Liked Videos and click Just Me.

Now the list of videos you like will be visible only to you. With the “Favorites” it’s easier: by default, they are available only to you.

How to find a video that you lost on TikTok

As mentioned above, watching videos on TikTok is entertainment. I want to flip through the videos and not think about anything. But if you get carried away, you can forget to like the video or add it to Favorites. Unfortunately, there is no viewing history on TikTok , but there are quite working ways to find videos by some criteria.

Search videos by title or hashtag

  • You can find a video by hashtag: go to “Search” and enter a keyword with a hashtag # at the beginning. Click on a search result and you can view all videos with that hashtag.
  • Enter a username, phrase or word in the Interesting tab: the answer can be found in the Clips or People section.
  • You can try to search for the track in the video. Enter in the search the name of the music that played in the background in the video – you will see the names of the songs. Clicking on one of them will open all the videos in which this song was used.

Please note that some videos disappear from TikTok : they are deleted by the authors themselves or the administration of the social network due to violation of the rules for posting materials.

How to download data from Tik Tok

TikTok, like other social networks, stores all data about you, videos watched, comments, chats, purchases. You can always request not only information about yourself, but even find a link to a TikTok video that you have lost – this is done very simply.

  • Go to the app, click on your profile.
  • Click on the three bars in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Settings and Privacy”, click “Privacy”.
  • Go to “Personalization and data” and select “Upload your data”.

You will see the data that will be included in the report. You just need to select the file format, after which your browser will open. You will need to log in and download the ZIP archive: it will not contain the videos, but will have links to them, so all you have to do is open them and download them.

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