How to save your smartphone if you accidentally dropped it in water

If the phone is not equipped with moisture protection, then if it gets wet in the rain or falls into water, it can easily fail. Here’s what you should and should never do if you suddenly dropped your device into the water.

According to an iXBT.com user, in order to be able to repair a smartphone after falling into water, you need to remember some points. In no case should you do the following: turn on the device when you just got it out, put your smartphone on charge, dry it with a hairdryer or in a microwave oven.

What is the right thing to do if your device falls into the water? First you need to get it immediately after the fall, then remove the cover and put it on something dry (for example, on a towel). If your phone remains on after that, then turn it off. In the event that the battery of your model is removable, remove it and leave it to dry for at least two days.

Next, you need to remove the SIM card (or SIM cards), memory card. It should also take at least two days to dry these parts. To prevent corrosion, you can wipe the contacts with alcohol.

When drying the smartphone, it will be enough to put it on a dry and even surface. The best option would be to immediately go to a service center where specialists will properly dry the device.

How to save your smartphone if you accidentally dropped it in water

Sometimes it happens that after falling into water, the phone first works well, and then turns off and does not respond. The explanation is simple: sometimes water leads to corrosion, which after a while grows and affects more and more parts.

You can understand that the corrosion process has begun on the smartphone display. White or yellow spots, vertical or horizontal stripes, backlighting of individual pixels may appear on the screen. The display may also not respond when you press certain areas of it.

Also, due to moisture, the dynamics of the device very often suffer.

If, after self-drying, the smartphone did not work, then you need to go to the service. At the same time, the repair of mobile devices after they have fallen into the water will only be carried out not under warranty.

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