How to save on payments in a rented apartment (8 ways)



Utility bills can be a real headache if you pay them yourself in a rented apartment. Either the public utilities will decide that you suddenly have to pay 3 times more for heating than last month, sudden penalties appear in the payments, or something else.

We have found 8 ways to reduce the monthly amount and reduce costs. Spoiler: this can be achieved not only in banal and obvious ways, such as turning off the water and saving electricity. Although, of course, one cannot do without them.

Check the amounts

When you receive another payment, carefully check the list of services for which you pay. There may well be unexpected guests like a radio station, a home phone, additional insurance, or other unnecessary services that the owner was too lazy to turn off.

Yes, usually such points do not cost very much, but imagine how much it will come up in a year, two or five years. Even if there is enough for two extra cups of coffee a year, it is more pleasant to spend this money on yourself than on a radio station.

You can refuse such services by contacting the management company. The procedure is simple, you only need to fill out an application and bring the last payment, but the application will require the presence of the owner.

Reduce costs

Without this item, unfortunately, can not do. When leaving, turn off the lights, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, unplug household appliances from the power supply – this reduces the consumption of electricity and water. A TV in “sleep” mode still consumes energy, just like a phone charged to 100%, but connected to a power outlet.

In addition, it is better to use class A appliances (such a refrigerator will consume 40% less energy than class C), energy-saving lamps, shower diffusers, drains with different modes … Save resources – and they will help you save money.

By the way, energy-saving lamps can also be installed in the entrance, and doors and windows can also be insulated there: this way, the maintenance fee for common house areas will also decrease.

Check your calculations

Firstly, you have the right to demand recalculation for a poor-quality service. The main thing is to officially fix the malfunction. Is the water coming out of the faucet lukewarm or rusty? Call a plumber and draw up an official act.

Is the elevator not working? Call the management company (UK) and fix this unfortunate fact. All the necessary contacts can usually be found on the stand in the stairwell of the first floor.

Secondly, you can officially request information about the methodology for calculating fees, applicable tariffs, or request a recalculation.

It is likely that there, as in cases with mobile communications, some strange tariffs and sudden pitfalls may emerge that suck your hard-earned pennies every month. If the Criminal Code refuses to provide information, go to court, something is obviously unclean there.

Cheaper at night

Install a multi-tariff electricity meter (the cost of installing the meter should be borne by the owner – discuss this point with him before spending money). The most effective option is a three-tariff one, which takes into account the consumption of electricity depending on the time of day.

The most expensive tariff is valid from 7 am to 10 am and from 5 pm to 9 pm. From 10 to 17, turn on the washing machine and charge the phone a little cheaper. And from 23 pm to 7 am is the most economical period.

Thus, by running the dishwasher at night, you save money. And, since we are here, we note separately: the dishwasher also spends 2-3 times less water than if you washed the dishes by hand.

Get warm!

Before the onset of cold weather, be sure to check the thermal insulation of windows and doors so as not to pay for street heating. You can also install radiators with a thermostat (and again, you need to discuss this with the owner – saving resources is in his interests, so it is likely that he will take on the installation costs).

So you can regulate the degree of heat so as not to heat empty rooms when you are not at home, for example. And if it gets hot, it will be cheaper to lower the temperature of the battery than to open the window and warm the air outside the window.

Cook smart

If you use an electric stove, then feel free to turn it off 3-4 minutes before the dish is completely ready. While it cools, everything will “reach” perfectly: as a rule, the surface of electric stoves perfectly retains heat. And if you use dishes made of quickly heating materials (glass, ceramics, copper), then you will spend even less electricity, and therefore money.

Keep track of household appliances

Cleaned of scale and dust, the kettle and vacuum cleaner work much faster and more efficiently, saving electricity.

And washing in a washing machine at 30 degrees and spinning at 800 rpm spends 4 times less electricity than washing at 60 degrees and squeezing at 1200 rpm. Think about what electrical appliances you use on a regular basis and read how to put them into economy mode.

Pay for yourself

Some utility bills are calculated depending on the number of residents – that is, from a legal point of view, people registered in the apartment. If de facto you live alone, and according to the documents, 5 more people are registered in the apartment, then you will have to significantly overpay.

Discuss this aspect with your landlord – perhaps he will agree to remove extra people from the register or share a communal apartment with you.

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