How to reply on WhatsApp with Apple Watch


If you didn’t know, then our articles help readers decide on the choice of a particular gadget. We disassemble not only iPhone, AirPods and MacBook, but also Apple Watch. The authors of FreeTrendz.com are appreciated and thanked for their help in choosing a gadget even after leaving the editorial office! Despite the fact that the Apple watch fit the users perfectly, they wondered if it was possible to use it to reply to messages in WhatsApp . Let’s figure it out.

Whatsapp message on Apple Watch

In WhatsApp, you can answer from a smart watch, but doing this is not very convenient

WhatsApp on Apple Watch only works as a second screen, that is, it displays notifications, but does not allow access to the application. Just in case, we recall what to set up.

  • On iPhone, go to the Watch app.
  • On the My Watch tab, tap Notifications and search for WhatsApp.
  • Activate the switch.
  • After that, notifications from WhatsApp will come to Apple Watch.

When received, you will need to click on it and select Reply. It is possible to send a ready response from templates or record a voice message. If suddenly you do not have the “Reply” option, you need to go to the Watch application, go to “General” and select “Turn on dictation.”

WhatsApp for Apple Watch

One of the most popular instant messengers does not have a version for Apple Watch: the company is in no hurry at all and for a long time they cannot even make WhatsApp for the iPad. By default, on a smart watch, you can only view a notification, respond with prepared phrases, or dictate a message by voice. Agree, is it still a crutch?

WristChat even has a keyboard for quick replies

Fortunately, we live in 2022 – now iOS and other operating systems are quite open, they have many convenient applications that work great without a jailbreak. One of them is WristChat , an analogue of WhatsApp for Apple Watch : the application accesses the owner’s account through the WhatsApp Web API. After installation, you need to scan the QR code on the smart watch screen with your iPhone, after which a list of chats, a correspondence log or the ability to send a new message will appear.

In addition, it features dictation and a separate WristBoard keyboard . It is also convenient that the application works with any model of Apple Watch. Unfortunately, new chats cannot be created – only existing ones can be used. True, you will have to pay about $5 for the application. True, judging by the rating of this application and others, the quality of their work leaves much to be desired, so you need to wait until WhatsApp finally matures and creates its own application for the Apple Watch.

Can’t send a response from Apple Watch

Sometimes users complain that the response from the Apple Watch is sent, but the messages don’t actually go away. What to do – this question is asked by new Apple Watch users. There is a solution.

Check airplane mode. Maybe that’s why messages don’t come through.

  • Make sure your watch is connected to iPhone. Wi-Fi and data must be active.
  • Make sure Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb is turned off on your Apple Watch.
  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Apple ID.
  • Check that the network signal is good and that messages are being sent from the iPhone.
  • Try toggling WhatsApp notifications again in the Watch app by turning them off, restarting both devices, and turning them back on.

If the previous methods don’t help, try unpairing your iPhone and Apple Watch , but don’t forget to create a backup. Then reboot both devices and re-create the connection. Also pay attention to updates: install them, if any.

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