How to properly clean your Apple Watch


Apple gadgets cost a hefty amount of money, making them a luxury item in a sense. At the same time, like any other accessory, a smartphone or Apple Watch needs to be properly cleaned so as not to damage, say, before resale.

The pandemic has taught us to wash our hands more often and wipe down gadgets. The same goes for the Apple Watch, which can be considered even more personal than the iPhone.

Today we will tell you about how to properly clean, wipe and wash Apple Watch so as not to damage them.

How to wash your Apple Watch

Despite the fact that Apple watches have water protection, whatever one may say, it is better not to wet the electronic gadget once again.

But if it was not possible to protect it from dirt, then do not rush to direct water pressure at it, and also use soap or shampoo – the liquid, along with any detergent, can harm the Apple Watch.

In addition, the Apple website reminds you that in no case should you use abrasive substances to clean the surface – various metal brushes and sandpaper, otherwise, along with dried dirt, ruin the surface and wipe off the paint from the case.

Apple Watch

Although the Apple Watch is waterproof, it’s best to keep it dry

It is also worth noting that compressed air is not suitable for cleaning the surface from dirt: often the our readers often advise using this method to “blow out” parts of the iPhone and other smart devices.

It is best to take a clean, lint-free cloth, which can be moistened with water if necessary. Do not overdo it: a microparticle of dust that has fallen on it can leave scratches.

Cleaning the Apple Watch wheel

Apple smartwatches, like other devices, have controls that are hard to get to and clean. The Digital Crown is one of them.

As you use it, it may begin to spin more slowly, as if something is blocking it. So it is: dirt and dust gets there, which must be removed. Make it simple.

  • Remove the device from the charger and remove the straps.
  • Place the Apple Watch wheel under a thin stream of water and slowly turn it while pressing down on it.
  • Carry out the procedure for no more than 15 seconds, without using soap and other cleaning products.
  • Then wipe your Apple Watch with a dry, lint-free cloth.

How to clean your Apple Watch band

Apple Watch straps , like Mi Band accessories, get dirty from time to time due to dust or cosmetics. They can also get dirty from clothes, as a result of which the snow-white strap turns into a quiet horror. How to be?

  • The leather strap can be wiped with a lint-free cloth or a damp sanitary napkin. Do not dip it in water – it will quickly deteriorate. The same goes for the Milanese Loop and other stainless steel straps.
  • A sports strap or silicone strap can be wiped with a lint-free cloth, previously moistened with water. You can also use hypoallergenic hand soap to clean them. If you use a non-original strap, then feel free to wipe it with a damp cloth – nothing will happen to it.
  • It is also important to note that the recommendations for cleaning the straps of different manufacturers may differ, so study the instructions in detail. By the way, after cleaning, an accessory made of any material should not be dried with a hairdryer – this will only ruin it.

How to wear your Apple Watch correctly

Apple warns its users against the use of some materials: for example, with allergies and high skin sensitivity, do not fasten the watch too tight – leave space for the skin to breathe.

Pay attention to the fact that in the heat for this it is better to wear a sports strap with perforations, and in the cold – a metal one.

Also, the best way to keep your Apple Watch clean is to wipe it down after exercising or exposure to various liquids. So your Watches will be clean, and the skin will not be irritated.

At the same time, pay attention to the material from which the Apple Watch strap can be made: accessories from third-party manufacturers may feel like the original to the touch, but have different properties.

Even paint can cause redness on the skin, so it is important to choose the right materials. Try not to buy accessories without looking: some of them can not only harm you, but also damage your Apple Watch.

You can drop a comment below if the guide helped you or if you have another suitable means for cleaning your Apple Watch.