How to properly carry a MacBook – questions you’ve always wanted to ask


Whenever anyone stutters about the advantages of a MacBook over other laptops, people are talking about its portability. Well, there’s nothing to argue here. Apple laptops are very light and you can really take them with you anywhere.

For example, throw in a backpack, briefcase, bag. Why, many people carry MacBooks in ordinary shoppers and do not know grief. At the same time, people often wonder: how to properly carry a laptop in a bag or which side is better to put a MacBook in a backpack.

We have examined this issue in detail and are ready to share with you both the general rules for transporting laptops and our personal experience, which we have more than enough.

We tell you how to properly transport Mac laptops.

How to carry a laptop in a bag

With the purchase of a MacBook, a simple and very difficult question immediately arose for me – how to carry a MacBook in a bag . Yes, most backpacks and briefcases have a special compartment, but it remains unclear which side to put the laptop in the bag .

If you carry a laptop in a backpack , then it is better to put it with the screen on the inside. It would be ideal to throw something soft like a sweater or T-shirt into the main compartment so that the MacBook does not get damaged by a glass bottle, power bank or something else. So, if the backpack falls on the back, the arrangement will remain intact.

Most of all backpacks are adapted for laptops.

Of course, it’s best to place your MacBook in an upright position, but if you prefer to carry your laptop in a bag or briefcase , it’s best to place it so that the underside of the MacBook (where you put your hands when typing) is at the bottom of the bag. Otherwise, if the briefcase falls “upright”, you risk damaging your Mac’s display cable.

Where to put a laptop if there is no bag

Personally, I despise laptop bags. Firstly, most of them look very cheap and awkward, and secondly, each time lugging around with a separate bandura for a laptop is such an idea.

In this case, it is much better to purchase a special cover for the MacBook and not know grief. I bought myself this one. It’s been about six months since then, and I’m more than satisfied with it.

Such a case can easily be put in a bag or backpack (even in a bag it fits into the laptop compartment), and it’s also no problem to transport it separately from the bag. I threw it in the car and drove off. And when leaving, you can take his armpit and go up to the office, it looks very compact.

The original MacBook case is good, but very expensive.

No, of course, Apple sells original cases for the MacBook, but they are epensive, which, in my opinion, is a rip off. If there are those among our readers who use the original case, subscribe in the comments and write where you get so much money from.

How to transport a laptop in the cold

Also, for most MacBook owners in cold areas probably often ask a question – how do I carry a laptop in cold weather. I already talked about my deplorable experience in a separate article. Well, just imagine, I went to Starbucks, I come, and the laptop is covered in water – dew is to blame for everything.

It’s definitely not worth taking out the MacBook in the cold.

Do not repeat my mistakes and follow these simple rules:

  • Use your Mac in places where the ambient temperature is between 10°C and 35°C.
  • Do not leave your MacBook in a car, the temperature inside a parked car may be outside the specified limits.
  • Relative humidity during use of the notebook should be between 0 and 95% (non-condensing).
  • Store MacBook can be in the range from -20 to +45 degrees Celsius.
  • Upon returning from the cold, do not turn on the laptop for 10-15 minutes, give it time to warm up.

How to transport a MacBook on a plane

The first question that worries most MacBook owners is how to transport a laptop on an airplane . Personally, I never worried about this and always put my laptop in my hand luggage and passed all the controls and screenings without any problems.

After understanding the issue, I realized that this method of transportation is the most preferable.

Carrying a laptop on an airplane is easy, you just need to follow a few rules.

How to carry a laptop in hand luggage

Of course, it is better to get acquainted with all the rules for transporting a laptop on the airline’s website, but most of them have similar rules:

  • Typically, the weight of the laptop is included in the total weight of hand luggage (check with your airline).
  • You can use your laptop on an airplane, but before doing so, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • You can’t charge your laptop while flying.
  • You can use headphones during the flight, but it is not recommended (you can skip an important announcement).
  • Wireless headphones cannot be connected to a laptop during flight.
  • The laptop should be placed either under the passenger seat or in the pocket of the front seat (do not put the laptop on the luggage rack, as it may fall).
  • The laptop must be turned off during takeoff and landing, as it interferes with the working navigation instruments of the aircraft.

Many people work on a MacBook on an airplane.

It is clear that all rules may vary depending on the airline and the specific situation. Most airlines reserve the option to prohibit the use of a laptop on an individual basis. Keep this in mind.

How to carry a laptop in luggage

I would not recommend putting a laptop in luggage . Firstly, if the laptop in the luggage breaks, there may be big problems with the compensation of funds. Some Airline generally introduced separate rates for carrying a laptop in luggage. So think ten times before putting your laptop in your luggage.

If you still decide on this adventure, check if your airline allows it. Be sure to pack your MacBook before flying.

The best way to carry a laptop in your luggage is to put it in a special bag and place it in the middle of the suitcase, lining it with various things so that it does not get damaged during the flight.

It is possible to transport a MacBook in luggage, but I do not recommend it.

It often happens that a laptop bag is very large and wastes valuable space in a suitcase. In this case, I bought myself this contraption . In fact, this is a small MacBook case , which does not take up much space and is easy to transport.

How do you ship your Macbook? Do you use laptop bags or do you also think that they are too big and uncomfortable? Give feedback in our Telegram chat , it will be interesting to read.

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