How to make your own emoji on Telegram


Everyone knows that emoji is a much better visualized analogue of emoticons, which, however, has a rather mediocre relation to smiling faces made of dots and brackets. Despite this, people still continue to identify them, and therefore are sincerely surprised that they are not allowed to invent their own emoji, as they were with emoticons. Yes, Apple and Google are systematically expanding the number of available smiles, having long gone beyond common sense. However, no one gave users the opportunity to make independent emojis. But now it’s in the past.

You probably didn’t even notice that Telegram has had the ability to create your own emoji for several weeks now. Yes, they can only be used in Telegram itself without the ability to export to other messengers. However, this cannot be called a big loss, especially when you consider that for many, Telegram is the main and only tool for communicating with relatives and work colleagues.

How to create your own emoji in Telegram

An important clarification: anyone can make their own emoji in Telegram , but you can use them only if you subscribe to a paid Telegram Premium subscription. You will have the opportunity to create both static and animated emoji without any restrictions on their content.

  • Add yourself a @Stickers bot using this link (this is the official Telegram bot for creating emojis);
  • Open a conversation with the bot and send the /newemojipack command to the chat;

Emoji creation starts with the command /newemojipack

  • Choose the type of emoji you want: static, animated or video emoji;
  • Name the set any name you like;
  • If you chose static emoji, you will need an image with a transparent background in PNG or WEBP format;
  • Crop or reduce the image to 100×100 pixels and upload it to the chat without compression (uncheck compression);
  • Select an existing emoji to represent yours (it will be sent by those who do not have a premium account);
  • Repeat the procedure for all pictures that you want to turn into emoji;
  • Confirm the publication and create a link to your emoji pack (you can save it and send it to all your friends).

Essentially, the emoji you create are more like stickers. This becomes clear from the base emoji, which is used to replace the newly created one. It’s just that the Telegram developers came up with the idea of ​​making stickers small so that they look like emoji. However, technically they are stickers. But what do we care about these details? After all, the main thing is that visually it is emoji.

However, if you have high hopes for the emoji you create yourself , then don’t. The main reason is that it is quite difficult to find a picture that will look equally good in a large size and in a small one. Apple designers hand- draw emoji in such a way that they are easily distinguishable, despite their size. I didn’t manage to pick up the image in such a way that the emoji that I made from it could easily understand what it is.

An important clarification: for your own convenience, it is recommended to create stickers (which are emoji) using a desktop computer. In principle, of course, you can do everything from your smartphone. However, my personal experience has shown that this is not convenient enough. Firstly, cropping images to the desired format is more comfortable after all on the desktop and with the mouse. And, secondly, if you suddenly need to change the file extension, on the phone it will take more time and take more effort.

How to subscribe to Telegram Premium

However, if you still decide and firmly understand that it is vital for you to create your own emoji, you need to subscribe to Telegram Premium . Here’s how it’s done:

  • At the next step, enter your bank card details;
  • Confirm the payment with the code that will be sent via SMS or push notification from your bank’s application.

From now on, you will be able to use not only custom emoji that you create yourself, but also a number of other privileges available to paid subscribers. And there are quite a lot of them, despite the seeming uselessness of the subscription:

  • Ability to send files weighing up to 4 GB versus 2 GB on a free plan;
  • Increased speed of downloading media files;
  • Possibility to subscribe to 1000 channels instead of 500 in the free version;
  • Ability to create 20 folders with chats and 10 pinned chats;
  • A set of exclusive stickers with animation in full screen;
  • Transcription of voice messages into text;
  • More than 10 new reactions to messages;
  • Ability to assign a folder with chats, which will always open by default;
  • Ability to set a video avatar for your profile;
  • Premium subscriber icon in the form of an asterisk next to the profile photo;
  • Exclusive desktop application icons that can be changed at will;
  • Decryption of voice messages;
  • Disabling ads in all telegram channels.
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