How to make a collage on iPhone


Before Instagram made it possible to publish posts with several photos, it was fashionable to combine them into a collage and post them. Often, the readability of such images was at a fairly low level, but it was possible to show several images to your subscribers in one fell swoop. However, the ability to glue photos can bring certain benefits. If you need to compare two pictures, then combining is the best option in this situation.

In order to merge several images into one file, there are a large number of different options, ranging from online services to applications for mobile devices and desktop computers. Let’s see how you can merge multiple photos.

Merge photos online



The first and most affordable option that does not require the installation of separate software is online services. Given the fact that at work I quite often have to combine images, screenshots and photographs, I settled on this option. To use it, do the following:

  • Go to the FilesMerge.com site.
  • Scroll down a bit and use the “Select a file from your computer” button to add the images you are interested in.
  • Wait for them to load on the service and scroll down a little more.
  • Choose how to combine: vertically, horizontally or in columns.
  • Click the “Combine” button and upload the resulting file.

You can not call this option in its purest form a way to create collages. It simply merges photos into one file. But often this is exactly what many users need. Therefore, if you are not looking for any additional functionality, I advise this method. Works very quickly and efficiently. For several months of active interaction with it, there have never been any problems.

Instagram collage

Layout allows you to create square collages.

If you need to create a collage for placement on the same Instagram, then it is best to use a special application developed by Instagram itself for this. It’s called “Layout” and is available in the App Store for free. It is quite easy to use and does not require any additional skills.

  • Download the Layout app from the App Store and launch it.
  • Give the program access to all photos.
  • Check the boxes for the images you want to merge.
  • At the top of the app, select the desired layout and click on it.
  • Set the settings you are interested in and click the “Save” button in the upper right corner.
  • If you want to immediately post the result on Instagram, then click the appropriate button.
  • If you just want to save the resulting image, then click the “More” button and select “Save to Files”.

After that, you can find the resulting collage in the files on your smartphone. Save the combined image directly to the gallery, unfortunately, will not work. Therefore, it is necessary to use “Files” as a transshipment application . Of the minuses of the program, it can be noted that the final result always has an aspect ratio of 1:1. The square is not suitable for all situations.

Collage on the phone

MixGram has a large number of different settings. But some are only available by subscription.

But the possibilities of Layout may not be enough for some users. In such a situation, you should turn to the MixGram application . The program itself and some of its functionality are free, but some features will have to be unlocked for money using in-app purchases. MixGram has a huge number of different collage templates. Available as options with straight sides, rectangles and squares with different aspect ratios, as well as various combinations of unusual shapes, for example, in the form of a puzzle.

But the most interesting possibility is the choice of the aspect ratio of the final image. That is, you will not be limited, as in Layout , to a square-shaped picture. You can choose 16:9, and even 9:16. That is to twist as it is convenient. To create a collage in MixGram , you need to do the following:

  • Download the MixGram app from the App Store and go to it.
  • If you don’t plan to subscribe to access all features, then choose any of the available templates that is not marked with a crown.
  • Click on each part of the collage to add the images you are interested in.
  • Separately adjust the size of the final image, add text and, if necessary, emoji.
  • Click the “Save” button in the upper right corner.
  • In the window that appears, select “Save Image”.
  • The program will ask for access to the Photos app, which you need to provide.

After these steps, the finished collage will appear in the Photos application. You can share it in any convenient way, and you don’t have to dance with a tambourine to save it there. Fortunately , MixGram , unlike Layout , supports this.

Make a photo collage

The Collage app allows you to customize much more for free than all the previous ones.

But most of all I personally liked the program with the laconic name “Collage” . It is also full of in-app purchases, but at least the basic functionality is available at no extra cost. To create a collage using the application of the same name, you must do the following:

  • Download the Collage app from the App Store and go to it.
  • When you open the application, you immediately see the standard layout of two vertical photos.
  • Click on the icon in the upper left corner to upload a selection of photos and mark the desired images.
  • Customize the final collage size, layout, background and frame thickness.
  • In the lower left corner, click on the save button, watch the ad, and the collage will appear in your media library.

A fairly handy application with very simple settings. Even the most inexperienced user will be able to cope with it. Its basic functionality is enough for almost any task, and there will be no need to spend money on any in-app purchases.