How to install Windows 11 without internet and Microsoft account. Useful life hack


Recently, when installing Windows 11, an Internet connection is required to log into a Microsoft account, which is extremely inconvenient. Moreover, if initially it was necessary to do this only when installing the home version, now Windows 11 Pro also requires this.

The development team of the popular utility for creating bootable flash drives, Rufus, decided to save users from Microsoft’s policy. In the latest beta version 3.19, unlinking Windows 11 from a Microsoft account is enabled by default. For it to work, you just need to start installing Windows with the Internet turned off.

Also in Rufus 3.19, a new menu has appeared that allows you to customize the image when creating a bootable Windows 11 flash drive. In it, you can remove restrictions on the minimum amount of memory, as well as completely disable the collection and sending of data from your PC to Microsoft servers.

In short, if you have not appreciated the innovations from the Microsoft team and want to safely install Windows without unnecessary problems, use Rufus 3.19.