How to identify fake Apple AirPods. Useful flashlight hack


The topic of counterfeiting Apple technology is extremely acute. Chinese manufacturers take advantage of the high demand for Cupertino devices and clone their devices without a drop of shame. However, if in terms of design they are practically indistinguishable, in terms of functionality, the difference between a fake and an original is significant.

Most often, popular AirPods wireless headphones are counterfeited in basements, but our colleagues from the iPhones.ru website have found the easiest way to distinguish a fake from the original.

To do this, you need to open the case with the headphones, and illuminate its cover with a flashlight as shown in the photo. If you have an original in front of you, then stripes and dark spots inside the plastic will be visible. When checking a fake case against the light, it will not be possible to detect them, there will be a uniformly light surface, since the Chinese do not bother using recycled materials.

The method really works, employees of Apple service centers have confirmed that they have been detecting fake AirPods with it for several months. In addition, fake headphones have several more characteristic features:

  • Low price.
  • A serial number that cannot be verified on the Apple website.
  • It takes a while for the iPhone to communicate with the headphones.

By checking AirPods before buying using these methods, you are guaranteed to protect yourself from buying fake headphones.