How to get rid of dandelions in the area


The bright yellow flowers grow so quickly that they can destroy carefully planted cultivated plants. Therefore, it is important to react in time.

How to get rid of dandelions in the area

How to get rid of dandelions in the area

Weeds can be controlled in a variety of ways. We offer the most simple, affordable and effective means.

Mow down the dandelions

Use a regular scythe, trimmer or lawn mower. Mow plants at a minimum height from ground level 1-2 times a week. So you will not get rid of weeds for good, but slow down their growth, do not let them bloom and give seeds, and eventually deplete them.

This procedure is especially effective while the plants have not yet released buds and have not had time to bloom. If you had to mow the flowers already, burn them or throw them away far outside the site. Do not compost them or leave them on the site, as the seeds may ripen even after mowing and scatter in all directions again.

Dig up the dandelions

The roots of the plant can go to a depth of 30–50 cm. And it is hardly possible to remove them without improvised means. If you tear out only the greens and the upper part of the root system, growth will resume over time. Therefore, it is safer to dig.

First, water the plant, so it will be easiest to get it out of the ground. And then take the right tool.

Use a shovel

The most affordable option is a long and narrow garden shovel or knife. Carefully dig the plant from all sides around the root and pull it out along with an earthen clod.

How to get rid of dandelions in the area with a shovel
If there are not too many weeds, they can simply be dug up. 
A regular shovel will do. Dig up a dandelion, throw out the root, and the soil can be returned back.


Use a root remover

A more advanced option is a special root remover. The principle of operation is the same as with a shovel, only the process is a little simpler.

How to get rid of dandelions in the area with a root remover
Removing dandelions from the area with a root remover is faster and easier than with a shovel. 
Install the device directly above the weed and deepen into the ground. Then pull up to extract the root.

Burn the weeds that are removed from the ground, or discard far outside the site. If you just put them in a common compost pit, the seeds can ripen and scatter again in your flower beds and lawns.

Burn out the dandelions

Take a portable gas burner. Turn on the flame and burn out all parts of the dandelion that are above the ground. Pay special attention to the center of the bush, where the flowers come from.

So you slow down the development of the weed, but do not destroy it completely.

Pour boiling water

Boil water in a kettle and immediately pour it all over the dandelion. Half a liter is enough for one bush. For effectiveness, repeat the procedure 2-3 more times. A few days after a hot shower, the weeds will die.

Be careful: if it gets on other plants, boiling water will damage them too.

Sprinkle with salt

Cut off the above-ground part of the weed with a sharp knife. Sprinkle the cut area generously with regular salt. The substance will draw moisture from the root system, and the plant will eventually die.

This method is good if there are very few dandelions in the area. If you overdo it with salt, salinization of the soil cannot be avoided. This means that there is a risk that nothing at all will grow in such a place.

Spray with vinegar

Mix equal parts water and vinegar essence. On a dry and windless day, spray weeds generously with a spray bottle and pour a little under the root. Act carefully and pointwise, try not to get on other landings. After 1-2 days, dig up the already dead plant.

For greater effect, the vinegar solution can still be poured into the hole that remained after the dandelion.

Use herbicides

Buy weed killer from a gardening store. Please note that their action is continuous and selective. In the first case, chemicals will destroy all plants, and in the second, only monocots or dicots, which include dandelions. When choosing a product, pay attention to the packaging, it always indicates what the herbicide is suitable for – for example, to protect the lawn from dandelions and other weeds.

The process of work is simple:

  • Dilute the chemical in the form of a liquid or powder in water strictly according to the instructions.
  • Spray plants with a spray bottle.
  • Remove dead dandelions from the site.

Before using the product, do not forget to carefully study the instructions on the packaging to take into account all the nuances. And be sure to follow all the precautions.

How to prevent the appearance of dandelions on the site

Use one of the simple methods.

  1. In spring and autumn, be sure to dig the entire area deeply. And before planting at the beginning of the season, root out all the weeds that have already appeared from the ground.
  2. Don’t leave empty spaces. The beds can be protected with covering material. But in the flower beds it will not look too aesthetically pleasing. It is better to mulch them, that is, cover them with wood chips, chopped bark, or even grass cut from your own plot. Well, lay out the paths with tiles or other coatings. In empty places, you can also sow green manure, such as rapeseed or mustard. Such crops will crowd out weeds and suppress their growth.
  3. Mow lawn grass at a height of no more than 7 cm. This will create difficulties for the development of weeds.
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