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Bruises often appear on the skin, most often due to falls, bumps, bruises. They are ugly, painful, and can be a confirmation of vascular disease or hidden bone damage. Is it possible to quickly get rid of a simple bruise, for example, in 3 days?

What is a bruise?

A bruise is the everyday name for a subcutaneous hematoma or bruise. Because of ruptured blood vessels, blood permeates the surrounding tissues. Painful swelling is formed at the site of the injury. If the blood has nowhere to spread, then a lump forms. This is typical for bruises of the scalp. Bruises from injections can occur due to damage to blood vessels or caused by the action of medication.

In the beginning, the bruise has a purplish-cyanotic color, which is why it got its name. Subsequently, the color of the bruise changes to blue-green, then it turns yellow and finally gradually fades. The reason for this is the gradual destruction of hemoglobin from red blood cells. This is a natural process that lasts up to 7 days.

When should I see a doctor?

If the bruise is small, if there is an obvious reason for its appearance, with moderate edema and slight soreness, you should not worry.

You need to consult a doctor if:

  1. the size of the hematoma does not correspond to the strength of the previous injury or there was no injury at all;
  2. within 2 days, the bruise does not “bloom”, but becomes even darker or larger;
  3. the swelling is very pronounced and restricts the mobility of the limb;
  4. after the blow to the back of the head, bruises appeared under the eyes;
  5. there are many small bruises or rashes on the legs;
  6. hematomas occur frequently and are accompanied by bleeding;
  7. a person takes anticoagulants, aspirin.

The causeless appearance of bruising may indicate increased fragility of blood vessels or a pathology of the blood coagulation system. Sometimes liver diseases can lead to this problem. Blood vessels may be weak due to hypovitaminosis or inflammation (vasculitis).

Treating bruises

A bruise, especially located on the face, does not look aesthetically pleasing. How to get rid of it in 3 days?

First aid is to cool down the injury site. Ice, a cold compress, or frozen food will do. Apply the cold as early as possible and leave for about 20 minutes. This will lead to narrowing of blood vessels, stopping bleeding and reducing edema. The bruise will be small. The next day, you can start warming up to speed up the breakdown of hemoglobin.

Folk remedies can help. Already in the first hours, you can use lotions with lead water or with a Badyaga, apply a mashed Aloe leaf or a slice of fresh pineapple. You can make a compress of equal parts vinegar and vodka, adding a teaspoon of salt. Or apply a gruel of mashed onions with salt.

Pre-freeze cubes of mashed parsley leaves with water. They can be applied immediately after a bruise, receiving cooling and treatment at the same time.

The pharmacy sells ready-made remedies for bruises. For example, Spasatel ointment, SOS balm, Troxevasin, Sinyak-off gel, ointments with Arnica, Ratovnik or Comfrey.

Regular use of any method will accelerate the regression of the bruise. Until it disappears, you can try to disguise it.

A bruise is unpleasant, but fixable. Measures to eliminate it are simple, but they must be carried out systematically, several times a day and repeated until the bruise disappears.

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