Headphones are a faithful companion of many people, allowing you to listen to music in isolation from what is happening around. They are connected to a smartphone, after which the sound is played not through the multimedia speaker, but through the headset speaker. Moreover, the headphones can be both wired and wireless. Regardless of which model a person uses, they may encounter problems when the phone does not see the headphones. This is a fairly common problem that prevents you from enjoying music and causes a lot of inconvenience. But we have found several ways to solve it, so you can always set up a connection.

Why are the headphones not connecting?

Speaking about the causes of the problem, we must distinguish between wired and wireless headphone models, as they connect to a smartphone in different ways. In the first case, a mini jack interface (3.5 mm) is used. A person just needs to insert the plug into the corresponding socket of the smartphone , after which the headset icon appears in the status bar, and the sound starts to be played through an external audio device. If you don’t see the headphone icon but music continues to play through the media speaker, then you’re experiencing one of the following issues:

  • the plug is not fully inserted;
  • plug clogging;
  • headset malfunction;
  • cable damage.

Thus, problems with wired headphones detection are due to hardware factors. Another thing is when we talk about a Bluetooth headset. Here, completely different causes of problems come to the fore:

  • the headphones are connected to another device;
  • the pairing button is not pressed;
  • wireless connections are hindered by obstacles, whether it be a crowd of people or walls;
  • consequences of incorrect flashing of the headset.

In both cases, the problem can be solved without contacting the service center. It is only important to strictly follow the requirements of the instructions, and then we will consider two different algorithms for wired and wireless models, respectively.

The phone does not recognize wired headphones

The first thing to do if you have a problem with wired headphones detection is to connect the headset to another device with an audio output. It can be another smartphone, a personal computer, a laptop or even a TV. First we need to understand which side is having problems. If the headphones are displayed and work fine on another device, then the key to solving the problem should be looked for in the phone. On the contrary, even if the headset does not make itself felt on an alternative technique, you need to inspect it for damage.

The cable may not have external defects, but this does not mean that it is working.

Most often, the problem is on the side of the smartphone. And in this situation, the list of the following recommendations helps:

  • If you are using a phone with a case, remove it. Perhaps its thickness does not allow the plug to be inserted all the way.
  • Examine the smartphone’s audio jack. Over time, it becomes clogged, and dust does not allow the contacts of the plug and port to close. For cleaning, use compressed air or, for example, a wrapped paper clip (toothpick).
  • Make sure the plug is fully inserted. If properly connected, it should not protrude from the housing.

As a rule, after cleaning the connector , the phone begins to see the headphones. But, although the problem is hardware in nature, it can also be due to a software conflict. The easiest thing to do in such a situation is to restart your smartphone . An extreme measure is to reset the mobile device to factory settings, but for wired models it is less relevant.

The phone does not recognize wireless headphones

Since wireless headsets do not use physical connectors to connect Bluetooth headphones to a smartphone , the detection problem is software in nature. However, before we get into troubleshooting, it’s important to make sure you’re pairing your external speaker with your phone correctly. If the headphones do not appear in the list of available Bluetooth devices, press the pairing button located on the headphone case. Before that, you need to open the case.

The button must be held for a few seconds with the case open

Of course, at the same time it is worth checking the battery charge of the wireless headset , as well as trying to connect it to another device. In addition, a conflict may arise due to the fact that the headphones are already connected to another gadget. In this situation, they must be forcibly disabled through the Bluetooth settings.

Finally, the problem may be related to the firmware of the wireless headset. To fix it, you need to reset the headphones to factory settings. Usually, the operation is performed by simultaneously pressing and holding the buttons on the headset case for 5-10 seconds until the LEDs flash. Detailed instructions for each individual model are given in the instructions for the headphones, as well as on the manufacturer’s website.