How to fix Bluetooth not working on Android


Not everyone remembers, but there was a time when phones did not have Bluetooth: you had to use the infrared port to transfer data. Since the beginning of the 2010s, Bluetooth has been installed in all smartphones: in 2022, it is practically not used to send files, but without it it is difficult to imagine everyday life: controlling gadgets in the house, connecting to a TV or acoustics.

Unfortunately, sometimes the Bluetooth on your phone stops working or behaves incorrectly. You can solve the problem yourself: we tell you what to do if Bluetooth does not work on your smartphone.

Bluetooth discovered but won’t connect

I think everyone at least once faced with the fact that the device was paired, but not connected. This means that the Bluetooth of another gadget is in sight, but for some reason there is no connection. This often happens in Windows 10 or on an Android smartphone when connected to a wireless speaker. How to to fix it?


Bluetooth speakers have a visibility button. Click it to connect your smartphone

  • Just remove the device from the list of connections, reboot it and create a new connection!
  • On your phone, go to the settings and check the necessary switches.
  • Disconnect another similar device, such as headphones, which may also interfere with the connection.

Usually these methods help if a Bluetooth connection is not created, and the devices see each other.

Bluetooth turns itself on

You may have noticed that Bluetooth sometimes turns on by itself on the phone. Most likely, this is not an error, but the function is turned on automatically due to the peculiarities of the system or bugs in the firmware. Only a fresh update can fix this. Here are a few more reasons why this is happening.

Bluetooth turned on by itself? Don’t worry, it’s fixable

  • The recently downloaded app has been approved for Bluetooth. If the connection began to activate itself after downloading an application, it is worth canceling access to Bluetooth in the application’s permissions.
  • Questionable applications from untrusted sources can also cause Bluetooth to suddenly activate.
  • Bluetooth is also used to search for other devices and connections to improve the signal and services. It’s enough just to turn off the search in the location settings.

In general, judging by what the owners of Android smartphones write, the problem goes away by itself or by resetting the settings, but this is already a last resort.

Why Bluetooth headphones are connected one at a time

Inexpensive models from Xiaomi are most often connected separately

Often, readers complain that their headphones are connected to an Android smartphone one at a time. And this is not only about inexpensive models, but also about the same AirPods or Beats. Understanding this problem is really on your own. See what can be done.

  • If only one earbud is connected to your phone, you probably need to charge them. The fact is that when the battery level is low, there is no connection between the two headphones, which is why the music goes only to the charged one. Just charge them and the problem will disappear.
  • The connection was probably created incorrectly: try deleting the headset from the phone’s memory and reconnecting.
  • Headphones are in conflict with another device: try disconnecting your fitness bands or smartwatches if you have them.
  • System failure: to do this, it is enough to break the connection , restart the smartphone and re-create the connection.

Why is bluetooth not working on the TV

As a bonus, I will tell you what to do if Bluetooth does not work on your Android TV. Many people are sure that when working with a Smart TV or a set-top box, Bluetooth is not so important, but this is fundamentally not the case – take at least the fact that the module is needed to connect the remote control, headphones, keyboards or transfer data. What to do if the devices are not connecting?

Even Android TV has problems with Bluetooth

  • First, turn on the visibility mode on the headphones so that the TV can detect them for communication.
  • Second, make sure that the device is close to the TV, and not in the next room through several walls. The device on Android TV even catches Wi-Fi badly because of this.
  • Try connecting another device to the TV, such as a mouse or keyboard. See if they will work.

If you connect the remote control, make sure that the batteries in it are working and replace them if necessary. After that, the remote should connect to the TV without any problems.

By the way, Bluetooth is also needed so that the smartphone can connect to Android Auto. What it is, how the system works and how it differs from CarPlay, we told in our article .

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