How to feel at home in a new apartment: a starter pack when moving



You can find the perfect apartment in a beautiful area with a good repair and excellent hosts, but, whatever one may say, you will always have to create comfort yourself.

And if candles, textiles and mirrors create an atmosphere, then the real feeling of home will be given by the most banal things that support everyday comfort. We tell you what to take to a new house to make it a Home.

Set yourself up right

The first thing you have to do when you move into a rented apartment is to understand that this is now your home. Even if it is temporary, and even if you break the walls and throw out the furniture, it will not work.

You need to find a way to customize the home for yourself – in the end, in the near future, your every day will depend on how everything is equipped in this particular apartment. Place everything in the way that will be convenient for you, and think over those little things that make your life better.

Zone your space

An experienced wanderer knows that when choosing an apartment, you must immediately see a place for a rug, easel, coffee machine or steamer. Each of us not only has our own tastes, but also unique habits. You can not leave them outside the door, even temporary housing.

When you move into a new apartment, we recommend that you immediately zone the space and decide, for example, where you will have a reading area and where you will have a sports corner.


No matter how well the apartment is thought out, it is up to you to organize the storage of your belongings. Ideally, if the house has the right number of cabinets, shelves, hangers – in this case, it remains to build a convenient system.

But still, we advise you to think in advance about organizers, trunks, containers that fit your set of things. It’s good if they are also in a neutral style and can, if necessary, move further with you, adjusting to any interior.

Pillows and blanket

Healthy sleep is the key to good mood and well-being. And if the issue of a mattress when renting is often solved by itself – what we eat, we sleep on it – then we need to think about choosing good pillows and a blanket. In both cases, size, material and filler matter.

If you are accustomed to being an adherent of fashion trends in everything, then feel free to buy an orthopedic pillow with rollers and a weighted blanket.

The first will help maintain the anatomically correct position of the neck and even save from wrinkles, and a heavy blanket reduces stress. This is explained by the similarity with the feeling of a mother’s embrace. Simply put, help your bed hug you and do it as efficiently as possible.


The issue of textiles should be approached practically. Beautiful curtains and tablecloths will certainly set the mood, but without enough good towels – both in the bathroom and in the kitchen – the house will be uncomfortable.

In the kitchen, we wipe our hands, fruits and vegetables, dishes and utensils with them, we use them instead of potholders. This is the rare case when it is better to abandon minimalism, stock up on towels for future use and change them as often as possible. In the bathroom, it is also better to have several towels of different sizes for different needs and change them regularly.

If we talk about aesthetics, then the most versatile and safe option is towels in one neutral color so that they always create the same pleasant picture.


The first rule of the club of tenants: the starter pack waiting for the creation of comfort in a new apartment should include a minimum set of beautiful and beloved tableware.

It’s good if the apartment has everything you need, but, as a rule, each of us has our own preferences. This means that there is no guarantee that you will like the blue bowls “inherited” from the landlord.

Here everyone sets priorities for himself: someone drinks tea from his own special cup, and someone needs special glasses for each type of wine. What can we say, if everyone brews coffee in their own way: a Turk, a French press, a geyser coffee maker.

Think about what kind of dishes you would really enjoy eating from. Maybe for an aesthetic breakfast you need a beautiful plate with wide sides to make pancakes look even more appetizing? Or does coffee suddenly taste better when you drink it from a huge mug?

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