How to exchange text and files between PC and smartphone. Useful life hack


Surely everyone had a situation in which it was necessary to quickly transfer text from a phone to a PC or vice versa. You can do this in many different ways, but in the case of most of them, there is no question of convenience. To solve this problem, the Clipt utility was created. It allows you to exchange text and files between your PC and phone in just a couple of clicks.

First you need to install the browser extension of the same name on your PC. Here is a link to the version for Google Chrome. Then put the application on your smartphone (both Android and iOS devices are supported). The final step is authorization from both devices in one Google account.

Now you can use the application and quickly transfer files between your PC and phone. There will be a shared clipboard between devices, meaning you can copy text on your smartphone and paste it on your PC, or vice versa. It is very comfortable.

In addition, Clipt on PC works not only in the browser, but also outside of it. It is possible to copy text in absolutely any running application. The only thing is that we advise you not to transfer information containing personal data in this way. Safety is paramount.