We are used to what programs we use. Players, applications for reading books, browsers – you must admit, you absolutely don’t want to change them, but sometimes the old familiar design starts to hurt your eyes. Google knows better than anyone how to surprise users: the company has redesigned the Gmail mail service and now everyone can try it out. Google tested it for a long time before releasing it to everyone, but as you know, if you get into the Gmail settings, you can get a little lost. We tell you what has changed in the design of the mail client and how to change the design in Gmail.

New design for Gmail 2022

If you often use Gmail, then you probably noticed the changes: these are new colors for the design. Everything is done in the spirit of Material You – the new design that Google adheres to in its products. The design of Gmail is reminiscent of Android 12: this is noticeable in the forms of elements due to rounded corners, as well as more similar shades in the colors of the interface. Anyway, there are no more elements with red colors in the standard theme.

Gmail also added a separate panel with Chat, Space and Meet buttons: it is located on the left and makes it easier to access functions. If necessary, they can be disabled in the settings. In addition, the panel can be collapsed by clicking on the button in the upper left corner of the screen. Thanks to this , the main screen of Gmail becomes noticeably larger and more convenient to use on both ultrabooks with a small display and on tablets: even if you minimize the browser window only half the screen in Windows, mail still remains convenient!

There is more free space. What do you think?

It seemed to me that the new design of Gmail made mail a little faster: the mail page began to load faster even with slow Internet, and the slider itself began to respond with less delay when moving through the list of letters. In general, the redesign has clearly benefited Gmail. The only negative is that on some accounts , Google has included the new Gmail design automatically, although usually during the redesign, the user may see an offer to switch when the page loads. Not everyone may like such an intervention, but you can always return the old design. This is done very simply.

How to enable the new Gmail experience

As mentioned above, for some users the new Gmail skin has turned on automatically, so someone would like to turn it off. Changing it is very simple – here’s what you need to do.

    • Open the full version of Gmail on a PC or other device.
    • In the right corner, click on the gear (“Settings”) and select “All settings”.
    • At the top, click on the “Chat & Meet” tab.
  • In the “Chat” section, select “Google Chat”.
  • Click Save Changes.

Then Gmail will restart, after which you will need to open Settings and click “Try a new look.”

How to bring back the old Gmail interface

The new design may not be to everyone’s taste. There were a lot of references on the Internet that some people are more accustomed to using the old design in their work, and you have to get used to the new one. It’s strange, because in fact Google did not change the icons in places, did not merge the menu. However, if it’s more convenient for you, you can quickly turn on the old Gmail interface .

  • Open Gmail and click Settings in the top right corner.
  • Select “All Settings”, click “Chat & Meet”.
  • In the Chat section, select Classic Hangouts and click Reload.

Also in this paragraph, you can rearrange the location of the chat and the “Meet” tab by clicking “To the right of the inbox” and “Show the Meet section in the main menu.” Note that users have the option to change it again in the “Quick Settings” on the right, and the Chat and Meet options will also be here.

So far, the updated Gmail interface has appeared only in the web version of the mail, but soon Google plans to add it to the mobile application for smartphones and tablets. There should also be new emojis and more. Let me remind you that earlier the company updated the app store interface and added the ability to view the minimum version of Android for the application – this indicates that the company has taken up the processing and improvement of its services. Looking forward to great updates!