The Mi Band fitness tracker is one of the most popular Xiaomi gadgets. It is used even by those people who would never pick up a smartphone from a Chinese brand. Such popularity is explained by the simplicity of the wearable accessory and its functionality in relation to the low price. To access all the features of the bracelet, you need to connect Mi Band to your phone . Next, we will talk about how this can be done, and what is needed for pairing.

App for Mi Band

Despite the fact that the Xiaomi fitness tracker is a typical representative of wireless Bluetooth devices, it cannot be connected to the phone without the help of supporting software. The bracelet needs a special application for setting up, processing user information and updating the firmware in a timely manner. In 2022, smart bracelet owners discovered that the Mi Fit app was missing from their smartphones and sounded the alarm. But there was no reason to panic. It’s just that two other apps have taken its place that can be used to pair all Xiaomi fitness trackers:

  • Zepp Life (formerly Mi Fit). The application that replaced Mi Fit during the update to version 6.0.0. Zepp Life looks exactly like its predecessor, and supported devices include all Xiaomi ecosystem products, including the old Mi Band 4 and the new Mi Band 7, as well as smart running shoes and scales.
  • Mi Fitness (formerly Xiaomi Wear). The main application for connecting Mi Smart Band bracelets. It is characterized by an updated interface and a limited list of supported devices. At the moment, only Mi Band 6 or Mi Band 7 can be connected to Mi Fitness, but over time, the list will be updated.

Both apps are available on Google Play and have a similar set of features. They allow not only to perform the first connection of one of the Mi Band bracelets, but also to further configure the gadget by selecting the dial you like or adjusting the operation of the heart rate sensor .

At the same time, Zepp Life and Mi Fitness differ in appearance and have different lists of supported devices. If you are using one of the old Xiaomi bracelets , then the first application looks more preferable. If you have Mi Smart Band 6 or Smart Band 7, you should immediately choose Mi Fitness.

How to connect Mi Band

Even though most Mi Band fitness trackers can work without a smartphone, you will still need an assistive device for the first setup. At least for updating the firmware. To connect Mi Band , you need to install Zepp Life or Mi Fitness on your phone and follow the instructions:

  • Make sure your Mi Band is charged.
  • Launch the application by placing the bracelet in close proximity to the smartphone.
  • Sign in to your Mi account or any other account (such as Google).
  • Give the application all the requested permissions, and also activate Bluetooth and GPS on your phone.
  • Go to the “Profile” section.
  • Click the Add Devices button.
  • Select “Bracelet”.

Zepp Life also supports other Xiaomi smart devices

  • Bring your smartphone to the fitness tracker and wait for a notification to appear on the Mi Band screen.
  • Tap the checkmark on the Mi Band screen to confirm the pairing.

A QR code appears on the screen of new Mi Band models

It is also worth noting that new fitness tracker models, starting with Xiaomi Smart Band 6, can be connected via a QR code. It will appear on the bracelet’s screen immediately after the first turn on, and after completing the seventh step, you will need to select the “The bracelet has a QR code” option and point the smartphone’s camera lens at the accessory’s display.

The instructions discussed above are relevant for the Zepp Life (Mi Fit) application. If you decide to use the Mi Fitness program, you can pair in a similar way, but you do not need to sign in to your Mi account or log in to another account:

  • Turn on the bracelet and place it next to your smartphone.
  • Launch Mi Fitness and select a region.
  • Press the “+” button on the main screen of the application.
  • Select the “Add Device” option.
  • Wait until the bracelet is found and click on its name to complete the setup.
  • If the fitness tracker is not displayed, connect it manually by clicking on the “Add model” button.
  • Now it remains to choose the model of your bracelet and complete the pairing.

Through Mi Fintess you can connect other wearable Xiaomi accessories

In the future, the fitness tracker will automatically connect to a smartphone and transfer data, provided that the Bluetooth sensor is activated on the mobile device.

Mi Band setup

After connecting the Xiaomi fitness tracker to your phone for the first time, you can freely use the bracelet without worrying that the accessory will forget to count steps or calories burned. But if you wish, you can perform additional configuration of the gadget. To do this, you will need to connect your Mi Band to your smartphone via Zepp Life or Mi Fitness, and then select it in the “Devices” section.

In the settings section, you will be able to select the watch face, adjust the screen unlock options and measure the heart rate. There are also a number of additional options here. For example, through the application, you can find a bracelet if it is lost in the apartment. In addition, it is possible to check for updates or change the region to determine the weather.

Mi Band not connecting

The Xiaomi fitness tracker is easy to use, but some users may experience problems when pairing it with a smartphone. If your Mi Band does not connect , do the following:

  • Make sure the bracelet is charged. As a precaution, connect it to a power source.
  • Check the activation of Bluetooth and GPS on your phone, then re-pair.
  • Make sure the fitness tracker is not connected to another smartphone. If necessary, disable it forcibly through Zepp Life or Mi Fitness.
  • Mi Band was set up on your phone, but now it is not detected, then again it is worth trying to disable it, and then set it up again.
  • As a last resort, reset your Mi Band.

If none of the suggested options helped, try connecting the bracelet to another smartphone to understand what the problem is: in the phone or accessory. If Mi Band cannot be connected even to other devices, then with a high degree of probability your fitness tracker is faulty, and the problem cannot be solved without contacting a service center.

How to reset Mi Band

One of the last resorts in solving problems related to connecting a Xiaomi fitness tracker is to reset Mi Band settings . This operation can be performed without accessing the smartphone by doing the following:

  • Disconnect the bracelet from the phone if pairing was previously set up.
  • Open the settings section through the fitness tracker menu (may be hidden in the “Advanced” tab).
  • Select the “Reset Settings” option.
  • Confirm the operation.

Resetting the settings causes the firmware to be rolled back

After the reset, it remains to try again to connect Xiaomi Smart Band to the phone using the standard instructions. Most likely, with a new pairing, you will have to wait a few minutes before the bracelet is updated to the latest firmware version.