How to clear a phone speaker with sound in 2 minutes: a useful life hack


How to clear a phone speaker with sound in 2 minutes: a useful life hack

Even if you use your smartphone carefully, the small speaker holes can become clogged over time due to dust, water, sebum and textile fibers that collect in pockets. This does not happen quickly, but the resulting blockage spoils the audibility of the interlocutor in telephone conversations.

To clean the speaker, you don’t have to carry the gadget for repairs or go poking around there yourself. Now there are special audio files that “break through” the pollution.

How to clean your phone speaker with sound

This will be one of the shortest instructions on our site:

  • Turn the volume on your smartphone to maximum.
  • Include this video:


That’s it – the phone just plays a sound, and its speaker is cleared of debris. The audio track is very nasty, so it’s best to leave the smart in an empty room. If it doesn’t help the first time, spin the file a little longer, and try moistening the loudspeaker grill with alcohol to soften the dried dust (no fanaticism, just apply a damp cotton swab to it).

How speaker cleaning sound works

This is physics: when a speaker reproduces sound, it creates vibrations. They can be seen with the naked eye if you turn on loud music with good bass on powerful speakers. Vibrations are transmitted to liquids (if you bring a glass of water to the subwoofer, the water surface will ripple in time with the sound), glass, thin metal surfaces. For gifted car audio enthusiasts, too powerful bass can even damage the car:

The sound from our video life hack has a gradually increasing tonality: from very low to very high, that is, the amplitude of the speaker’s movement is constantly changing, and the vibrating membrane surface simply “shakes off” the adhering dirt. The “built-in” cleaning methods on some gadgets work on the same principle. For example, there are similar functions in the Apple Watch and in the new Xiaomi smartphones , where the  audio track is protected right in the settings menu.

How effective is it?

The efficiency is not one hundred percent: firmly adhering dirt can remain, and in this case it will already be necessary to remove them mechanically. This method is suitable for lightly running devices, and even better for preventing blockages.