How to clean the TV screen so as not to damage it


You are most likely making a mistake while cleaning.

Dust and dirt accumulate on the TV screen over time. Therefore, it is necessary to clean it regularly, but it is important to do it correctly. Moreover, any scratches and stains on the screen will be very noticeable.

I’ll share with you about the typical mistakes that people make when trying to clean the TV screen. So, some people use glass cleaning products for this. These tools are dangerous because they can damage the screen coating over time.

Also do not use napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, waffle towels and other rough fabrics for cleaning. The fact is that cellulose fibers can create microcracks on the display. In the future, these microcracks will become abrasions.

It is not recommended to spray any liquid on the screen with a spray bottle. If water enters under the frame of the TV, it may cause damage to the TV.

Due to the fragility of the matrix, pressing on the TV screen to wipe something is also not safe.


How to clean the TV screen so as not to damage it

How to clean the screen then? I suggests purchasing special screen cleaners, a can of compressed air or wipes made from perforated suede (Grass, CityUP, etc.).

If you need to remove dust, you need to wipe the screen with a dry, thick microfiber cloth. You need to move from top to bottom.

To get rid of fingerprints, you need to wipe the display with a damp microfiber cloth. And it only needs to be slightly soaked in distilled water. Wipe everything in a circular motion, and then wipe the screen dry with another similar cloth.

If you notice greasy stains or other rather difficult stains, then this can be eliminated by adding a drop of dish detergent like Fairy to distilled water. After you wet the rag, repeat all the steps described in the paragraph above.