How to choose the right compact fast laptop (ultrabook) with good autonomy


Expert explains

To date, the rules for choosing ultrabooks have changed somewhat. When choosing today, you need to pay attention to these important characteristics.

Today, ultrabooks are gaining more and more popularity. These are compact and fast devices that are convenient to take with you anywhere. But it is important to be able to choose the right model. Here are the points you should pay attention to, according to the expert of the My Computer YouTube channel.

Once upon a time, when choosing an ultrabook, the user gets a lightweight device with a good screen. But today, the situation has changed, so you need to look at other characteristics.

  1. Versatility . It is important to have a USB-C port with the ability to charge. It is considered universal, since it makes it possible to connect tablets, smartphones, and other devices to a laptop. In addition, the ultrabook itself is very compact, so it is often taken with you on trips.
  1. Quality display . Definitely better not to buy a laptop with an IPS-matrix. You need to look at the color gamut of the device (it should be at least 70% NTSC or 100% SRGB), brightness (if you are going to work outdoors, then it should be at least 400 cd/m2). It is also necessary to abandon screens with a refresh rate of 90-120 Hz, as they will only reduce the operating time of the ultrabook. The same goes for 4K resolution.

In this case, the difference between UHD and FHD will actually be minimal. That is, the latter is quite enough for you to work.

  1. performance . To date, the current minimum is considered to be the 10th generation Intel Core with the G index and Ryzen on Zen 2. The increase in their nuclear performance compared to previous models is 20 percent. The specialist also recommends that you stop buying processors like Core i3, since they have only two cores, and they do not provide any headroom for the future. It makes sense to forget about discrete graphics cards, adds the presenter.
  1. RAM and storage . The expert notes that in absolutely all ultrabooks you will find the dual-channel memory mode necessary for integrated graphics.
  1. Battery . Battery capacity plays a big role when choosing an ultrabook. It is necessary to choose models with a capacity of at least 55-60 Wh. This will give you the opportunity to work quietly without recharging for 6-7 hours.

There are a few more important nuances regarding compact laptops. When buying such a model, you need to be prepared for bad speakers (the exception is Huawei and Apple, and in other cases you will have to buy an additional portable speaker), the absence of some ports (for example, HDMI or Jack 3.5).

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