How to calibrate compass on iPhone


Apple regularly adds new features and applications to the iPhone: many of them, such as the Ruler, are very controversial and do not give the most accurate result. But the Compass application is what you need, although it is clearly not useful for every day. Unfortunately, the application sometimes does not work correctly – it’s all about geolocation, which sometimes behaves strangely. But, fortunately, the Compass on the iPhone can be manually calibrated. We answer the question of our reader about how to do this and why the Compass in iPhone sometimes goes astray.

Tell me, please, how can I calibrate the compass in Google maps on the iPhone 11?
Always shows as if I’m looking in the other direction

How to use compass on iPhone

Compass is one of the best iPhone apps. The built-in utility allows you to determine the location and direction without any extra effort. In order to determine the direction of the north, you need to put the iPhone on a flat surface or on a paper map, turn it towards the red arrow and place the small cross in the center of the compass on the big one. The screen should display 0 degrees – after that the compass will be ready for use.

Try adjusting the compass first so that it determines the direction

At the bottom of the screen, your geographical coordinates will be displayed – latitude, longitude, location and altitude. To lock your current heading, simply touch the compass dial and a red bar will be displayed if you are off course. To view the location and then navigate, tap the coordinates and iPhone Maps will open.

Compass not working on iphone

It would seem that what can interfere with the work of the compass in the iPhone? In fact, the data may not be accurate. Here are the most common application errors.

Compass displays your coordinates incorrectly? It’s fixable

  • The compass freezes and the arrow does not move.
  • The compass behaves strangely: the needle continues to move even if you are standing still.
  • The arrow points in the wrong direction.
  • The compass does not show location or altitude data.

There are several reasons why the Compass app on iPhone is not working properly.

  • The compass is sensitive to magnetic interference. They can be caused by other gadgets nearby or power lines nearby. Try not to use accessories with magnets at first and put your iPhone away from other gadgets.
  • Pay attention to how the compass works in other applications: make sure they are up to date and geolocation is enabled.
  • Standard application Compass does not work correctly? Try uninstalling it and reinstalling it from the App Store. This is actually the compass calibration on the iPhone .

In addition, if the Compass is not working correctly , the settings will definitely help you. Check them if something is wrong with the app or geolocation.

Set up a compass on iPhone

There are several ways to deal with iPhone compass problems: both a standard utility and a third-party application. Here’s what needs to be done.

  • Go to Settings, select “General”.
  • Go to “Date and Time”: make sure all time settings are set correctly.
  • Pay attention to the time zone. It is better to activate “Automatically” so that it changes without your participation.
  • Verify that in your cellular data settings, data usage is turned on for the compass. To do this, activate the slider next to the application name.

It is also important to include a special parameter that will help calibrate the compass. It is very easy to do this.

  • Go to Settings and select “Privacy”.
  • Select “Location Services”, then select “System Services” at the very bottom.
  • Turn on the slider next to Compass Calibration.
  • After that, go back to Settings and click Compass.
  • Activate “True North”, and then in the item “Geolocation” select “Exact location”.

After that, restart your iPhone, turn it on and open the Compass application or navigation maps – try to determine the location again.

Resetting geo-settings also helps very well: go to “General”, then scroll down the screen, select “Transfer or reset iPhone” – Reset geo-settings. The only caveat is that after the reset, you may need to set up the locations again, but this is quite simple to do.

Perhaps a malfunction of the magnetic field sensor should be attributed to damage, but it is extremely difficult to break it due to the design of the smartphone.

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