How to buy a smartphone and not overpay


The marketer explained

Gem4me messenger marketing director Olga Bobrovskaya told what to look for when buying a smartphone so as not to overpay.

First of all, you need to decide on the features of the device and remember that they are not just marketing “chips”. Among the features, you need to pay attention to those without which, a smartphone will not be complete and comfortable. And this is the simplest set of functions: geolocation, camera and others.

You need to decide how much memory the smartphone has – this is a fundamental characteristic. Considering that many programs consume a large amount of energy, battery capacity is important.

You don’t have to pay extra for the brand. Many mid-range phones perform just as well as premium phones in terms of features.

The specialist also noted that it is necessary to remember whether a device with eight cameras is needed if the user is not a professional photographer, etc. The same applies to the presence of interactive wallpapers, pop-up windows, and other options for the screen.

“We always overpay about 20-30% just for the brand name. If you don’t care what manufacturer you use, you can save quite a bit. There are enough analogues that are not inferior in terms of the set of functions and technical parameters,” Olga advised.

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