How to beat emotional hunger without overeating


The psychotherapist explained

Psychotherapist, nutritionist Mikhail Gavrilov said that there are two types of hunger – physical and emotional.

In the second case, you may suddenly want to eat something tasty. It is important to overcome this desire.

The specialist clarified that physical hunger is accompanied by signals from the body, it begins to growl in the stomach, severe fatigue may occur, and concentration of attention may be disturbed.

With physical hunger, you want to eat any dish, the main thing is to get a boost of energy. Emotional hunger appears suddenly without any body signals.

You always want to eat something tasty, “harmful”, from which you get not so much physical satiety as psychological pleasure.

According to Gavrilov, time control and food choice will help to understand what hunger “visited”. With physical hunger, satiety occurs after 20 minutes, but emotional hunger is difficult to satisfy, even if the body is signaling satiety.

The result of constantly satisfying emotional hunger can be weight gain and eating disorders.

“Physical saturation comes 20 minutes after the start of a meal. Emotional starvation is difficult to satiate. You want to eat the selected product without interruption, even if the body sends signals of saturation. Before you eat anything, pause and think about what kind of hunger it is. You can even experiment: if you feel hungry, sit down, drink a glass of water, call a loved one, and so on. If the feeling of hunger has not gone away, sit down to eat, ”the doctor recommended.