How to add new reactions in whatsapp. All emojis can be selected


WhatsApp is not my favorite messenger. Despite the fact that I am registered there and even use it from time to time, this is rather forced. In everyday life, I use Telegram, which I like much more. It is more intuitive, more convenient and simply more functional. Moreover, we are not talking about some isolated cases of superiority in the form of exceptions, but rather about the rule. Because in most cases, WhatsApp developers are forced not to set trends, but to reflect on the innovations that have appeared in Telegram . True, there are holidays on the street of WhatsApp users .

In WhatsApp, it became possible to use absolutely any emoji as reactions to messages . If earlier the number of available options was six, now there are no restrictions at all. Moreover, unlike Telegram, which requires money for additional reactions , WhatsApp provides them all absolutely free of charge to all its users.

Whatsapp update for iOS

Yes, this is not a mistake. Now you can respond to the message of your interlocutor in WhatsApp not only with a heart, a thumbs up or a poop, but with anything in general. Even the sun, even the flag of your native country, even a religious symbol, even a pregnant tragic man with dark skin. What to choose – depends solely on your personal wishes.

New reactions in WhatsApp appear only after the update, which was released this week. However, for many users, for some reason, it does not appear in the list for automatic installation, although it is available in the App Store itself. So, we will be forced to update. After all, most of us don’t want to wait. Especially since we are talking about such an interesting innovation.

  • Follow this link and download the new version of WhatsApp;
  • Launch the messenger and select a chat with the desired interlocutor;
  • Find the message in the chat that you want to respond to;

In WhatsApp, you can respond to messages with any emoji

  • Click on it and hold until the context menu appears;
  • Click on the “+” in the reactions tab and select the desired emoji.

You can use additional reactions even if only the react one has been updated. All new emojis will appear in his chat. But the one whose messages are responded to will not appear until he installs the latest update on his smartphone. So don’t be surprised if people ask you if you like new reactions and you don’t see them. This is fine. You just need to install an update.

WhatsApp Reactions – New

Reactions in Telegram are more colorful, but the choice there is not as wide as in WhatsApp

Since there are really a lot of emojis with which you can respond to the interlocutor’s messages, the developers carefully screwed up the search bar. Thanks to it, you can write the name of the desired reaction, or at least roughly describe it. The search works very well and understands even synonymous words and expressions. Therefore, not finding what you need will be quite problematic.

Why and who may need such a number of reactions is an open question. On the one hand, having a choice is, of course, good. But, on the other hand, it is highly likely that people will use a strictly limited set of emojis when responding to messages from their interlocutors, while the vast majority of available options will remain unused.

However, I roughly understand why the WhatsApp developers allowed the use of all emoji as reactions to messages . The fact is that earlier Telegram launched a premium subscription, which, among other things, offered users additional reactions. But if in the messenger of Pavel Durov they were drawn specifically for response and had a specific animation, then there is nothing like that in WhatsApp .

The creators of WhatsApp clearly had the task of making it no worse, if not better. But since it was impossible to copy the idea of ​​Telegram, it was decided not to focus on the beauty of the reactions, but to take the user in quantity. After all, animation is beautiful, but from a practical point of view it is absolutely useless. But the ability to choose any reaction without restrictions is worth something.

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