How the last man from the wild tribe of the Amazon lived and died


If you have ever felt like the loneliest person in the world, know that this feeling was wrong. In the Amazonian forests (Brazil), for 26 years, there lived a man who lost all his relatives due to a series of attacks on his tribe in the second half of the 20th century. All his loved ones were killed by modern people who wanted to take away their land to build farms and other structures. It goes without saying that the man who had seen many horrors subsequently did not want to communicate with any representative of modern civilization. When officials came to him, he hid at home and even used a bow and arrow – once he hit a man in the chest. Recently, “the loneliest man in the world” was found dead in his hammock, of natural causes. Let’s find out more about his difficult life.

Wild tribes still exist

It’s hard to believe, but there are still peoples in the world who have never had contact with the civilized world. They live in the forests the way their ancestors lived for thousands of years: they hunt wild animals, gather plants, take folk remedies, and so on. The area of ​​the Amazon forests is 6,700,000 square kilometers, and many of these lands have not yet been explored. From time to time, scientists manage to take photographs of representatives of wild tribes who have never seen the modern world. Usually pictures are taken from a helicopter, because in case of even the slightest danger, the natives of the Amazonian forests open fire.

Representative of one of the wild tribes

The hostility of the indigenous inhabitants of the Amazonian forests is understandable – they are usually visited by modern people who want to cut down forests and build farms and other money-making buildings on these lands. The tribes of the Amazon began to be destroyed in the 70s of the last century. According to the Brazilians, who found these times, in 1995, unknown people almost completely destroyed the tribe, which already consisted of six natives. The perpetrators of this were never punished, and only one man survived from the representatives of the tribe.

The loneliest man in the world

This was not immediately known – he was noticed by people only in 1996. People wanted to show that they did not wish him harm and brought him gifts in the form of seeds and various tools. Despite this, the man did not want to establish contact with anyone. When someone came to him, he hid in his thatched hut and did not make a single sound. According to information from open sources, once he fired a bow and pierced the lung of an official. After this incident, people decided not to disturb the native.

The face of the last representative of the wild tribe

Around the habitat of the aborigine, the Tanara reserve was built. The area of ​​habitat for the indigenous inhabitant of the local forests has been expanded to 8,070 hectares so that he can live as usual. Sometimes the researchers were able to film the aboriginal on camera. So, in 2018, a video appeared on the Internet where a representative of an extinct tribe cuts down trees near his hut with a homemade axe. It has also been observed that he often built deep burrows for trapping animals and storing things. Because of this, some people began to call the aborigine “The Man from the Hole”.


Video where a native hides from people


Aboriginal cuts trees with homemade axe

Death of the last man of the wild tribe

The last person of an isolated Amazon tribe was found dead on August 27, 2022, according to Brazil’s Agency for Indigenous Affairs (Funai). At the time of death, the native was about 60 years old. No traces of violence were found on his body, but researchers still want to perform an autopsy to find out the details of his death. Most likely, they have already studied his body, but the results of the study have not been published in the public domain. Surprisingly, this man lived in complete solitude for 26 years, almost 9,500 days and nights. However, he never touched another person.

Aboriginal, his hut and dug hole

We can only imagine what horrors he saw in his life. He resolutely resisted all attempts at contact, and made it clear that he just wants to be left alone,” said Fiona Watson, director of the organization Survival International to protect wild tribes.

It is worth noting that other tribes also live in the Amazonian forests – some of them have not yet been discovered by scientists. Attacks in their direction continue, and it is very difficult to stop it. According to 2020 data, 182 natives were killed in the Amazon rainforest, and this number does not decrease yearly.

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