How smart home affects the environment and our wallets


The increase in spending is a global trend that can be observed throughout the entire history of the economy, if not even the existence of a civilized society. In recent decades, the big problem has become the production of energy, which must be delivered to the homes of billions of people on the planet.

But the increase in its consumption has the most direct impact on the ecological situation in the world. Some systems can not only reduce this impact, but also save you a lot of money. Let’s see how this is even possible and what a smart home is anyway – good or evil.

Energy saving

Traditionally, people have used incandescent bulbs in most lighting fixtures in their homes. These lamps have a filament through which an electric current passes, which causes the material to glow. This process is inefficient compared to more modern lighting options.

In it, about 90% of the energy was spent on heating, and the consumption of materials was too high, since the lamps often burned out. Usually they served no more than 750 hours. And then, only if there were no power surges and frequent on-off.

How to save on gadgets

Modern LED lamps are many times more efficient and also last many times longer. But there are ways to reduce energy consumption even more – use smart lighting. For lighting, I basically bought gadgets on AliExpress.

Since we sell them the same, but one and a half to two times more expensive. For example, I have such lamps installed in chandeliers and floor lamps, I use such a tape for lighting , and such relays for controlling large lighting systems .

An LED light bulb requires less electricity to operate, does not generate heat and lasts much longer than a conventional one – more than 10,000 hours . But you can make it even more efficient by making it smart . Adding smart lighting to your home can be one of the easiest ways to lower your energy costs and reduce your impact on our planet .

You can control your home from one phone. Although, this is not the mind, but automation.

Is a smart home expensive?

Some might think that adding smart lights to a home is very expensive, and at some point it was. However, now the technology has become so accessible that it is not necessary to talk about high cost.

Therefore, the cost of entry into building a smart home has dropped significantly over the past few years. There are many great cheap smart bulbs available now.

For example, Xiaomi familiar to us cost from $15, and solutions from  other manufacturers can be found for less than $10. Even if they are of lower quality, but lowering the price on their example becomes very effective. And there are more devices themselves, and they go beyond the usual switching on and off of the light.

Often you will have to deal with multiple apps on your phone for each brand, which is frustrating. But there are voice assistants that combine many different types of devices. And you can also choose one smart home manufacturer and assemble all the components so that they work through one application.

Smart lighting helps you save energy by scheduling turn-on and turn-off times, dimming and other control options. You can configure not only turning on and off according to a schedule, but also the possibility of linking with a motion sensor. You can even make the lamp glow at half power. It is not only economical, but also convenient.

You can control the vacuum cleaner with your voice. And this is also part of a smart home.

Home Automation

And also, if you left home and think if the lights were turned off in one part or another of it, you can check it by simply opening the application on your phone. And if you have additional appliances, you can control your home remotely.

For example, turn on the air conditioner strictly at your arrival, so that it does not work all day and does not waste a lot of energy just like that.

Smart home devices are much more than just lights. From the simplest, sockets, switches, relays, simple household appliances and complex home appliances can be noted.

Now I even have a brand humidifier and vacuum cleaner. But there are other devices as well. For example, a couple of gadgets from Hiper and LG TVs, which can also be controlled by voice and turned off with one command.

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If you don’t want to buy, for example, a smart home humidifier, you can buy a smart plug. Connect the humidifier to a power outlet and set it to turn on and off according to a schedule.

And if you have a humidity sensor, then you can even automate the process to keep the humidity in the temperature range. At the same time, everything is configured very simply and quickly – literally in 1-2 minutes.

The same process can be set to operate the air conditioner. It requires a lot of energy, and if it does not have a normal built-in timer, then you can add it using a smart outlet. And you can also manage it from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

Voice control is possible through assistants.

An example of using a smart home

As one of the non-standard examples (fictional) of the use of such gadgets, I can name the need that I had at one time, when I had to get up at night to prepare formula for a small child, and I needed hot water. I connected the kettle to a smart outlet, turned it on, but turned off the outlet.

Five minutes before the alarm, it turned on, the kettle was powered and it boiled in the usual mode, turning off after reaching the operating temperature. As a result, I saved a few minutes of sleep waiting for the boil, did not have time to clear up and calmly went to bed after I finished the feeding process.

As you can see, smart gadgets can not only work in conjunction with each other , providing more convenient management of all processes. They can also save time and energy.

And if we go deeper into the process, then we will achieve a reduction in the burden on the environment. But it is unlikely that anyone will think about this within the framework of using one or two light bulbs.

Whether you decide to start with a small number of outlets and light bulbs in your home, or build a large system from scratch, it will still take you to the next level of home use. But I want to warn you that this process is addictive. I started with one light bulb and now I can’t stop after trying dozens of gadgets.

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