How should the antennas of the router be positioned: expert explains


Maybe you didn’t even think about it.

Not everyone knows that the signal range of a Wi-Fi router can be adjusted by changing the position of the antennas. Usually, manufacturers themselves offer the best option: it is shown on the box. But there is also a way to maximize signal reception and transmission.

In general, routers have different antennas. Speaking about the features of antennas for household routers. Typically, these antennas consist of a spring, which is located in a plastic pin. An example of such an antenna can be seen below.


The signal in such antennas propagates in a special way. If the antenna is pointing up (is vertical), then the signal will propagate horizontally, and vice versa. Depending on the tilt of the antenna, the area affected by the signal will also change.

For example, at an inclination of 45 degrees, the Wi-Fi signal can become weak in the back rooms of the apartment and increase in neighbors from below and above. That is, this option is suitable if you live in a private two-story house. But if you have an apartment, then both antennas should be directed upwards.

In addition, it should be noted that other factors also affect the strength of the signal. For example, the selected frequency. For an apartment, it is best to take a router with support for the 5 GHz band. Although, before that you need to make sure that your devices are able to work within this range. You also need to remember that in this case, the signal reception range will be worse.

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