How much do iPhone resellers earn? Money comes out very decent


The world is slowly but surely embracing the global economic crisis. And while some lose, others do not miss the opportunity to earn extra money. Resellers feel the best in such conditions, because there are fewer and fewer people who buy new smartphones every year, and more people who are interested in used devices.

Apple technology brings the greatest profit, of course. A reseller from China boasts that in just a couple of years he earned himself a decent apartment in a good area by selling used iPhones alone. Unlike Android gadgets, Apple smartphones lose their price very slowly and are expensive in the secondary market.

For example, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which was released two years ago, can still be sold in China for good money – $ 700-800. With Android, everything is much worse, even current models become cheaper by hundreds of dollars after a few days of operation.

It is not surprising that resellers are waiting for the release of a new iPhone model like a holiday. You can make a lot of money on those who want to buy a new product before the rest. So another reseller says that last year he earned 44 thousand dollars in two months by reselling the iPhone 13. Looking at such revelations, it becomes clear why resellers do not care about the fact that the people do not respect their profession, to put it mildly.

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