Here is everything you wanted to know about GaN charging, but were afraid to ask


The number of accessories from Apple is amazing: there is still the simplest adapter on sale, which is no longer bundled with the iPhone, there is also a block from the iPad, a recently released 20 W charger, and even a powerful one for the MacBook.

At the same time, third-party manufacturers have long begun to produce compact and reliable solutions that allow you not to worry about the safety of the device during charging. GaN adapters have their advantages, so Apple plans to release the same one. Today we will figure out what GaN charging is, how it is better than usual and why it is worth buying.

What is GaN charging

One of the readers recently boasted of an excellent gadget from his arsenal: a compact 120 W adapter that can charge several devices at once . It is not only compact, but also lightweight, so it is ideal for travel and trips when you need to charge several gadgets at once. This is GaN charging.

GaN chargers are based on a different material. Here’s what we know about him

It is based on gallium nitride , an innovative semiconductor material that became popular in the 90s thanks to the production of LEDs. This element is used not only in the production of adapters, but also in DVD and Blu Ray players.

It is GaN that is considered the most practical material that can replace silicon, which is now used in many areas. According to forecasts, since 2006 the production of GaN transistors has increased, and modern technologies make it possible to create them on the same equipment that silicon ones are made on.

Why GaN charging is better than usual

The advantages of gallium nitride over silicon are that it is more energy efficient and reliable. So GaN can withstand a higher voltage and, accordingly, has an increased temperature range than silicon. And this means that such a gadget will last much longer.

Here is such a compact GaN adapter from our reader

Manufacturers even note that the material is able to conduct electrons 1,000 times more efficiently than silicon, with lower manufacturing costs. As a result , the current passes through the GaN element faster than through the silicon. Due to this, the GaN adapter requires less material, and the device itself is smaller and more compact. Here are some other advantages of GaN charging worth noting.

  • Multifunctional GaN chargers: as shown in the photo from the reader, they can accommodate more connectors, due to which you do not have to carry additional adapters with you.
  • GaN chargers do not get as hot: all this is due to the properties of gallium nitride, which is less susceptible to heat generation. In addition, it is safe to use.
  • Low price for GaN chargers. So far, of course, there are some problems with this – the technology is new and is only gaining popularity, but in the future, prices for accessories should become more democratic due to a smaller number of components.

GaN charging Apple

It would seem that Apple, which loves innovation in everything, should be the first to introduce this technology for smartphones. But what’s the point? Due to the reliability of GaN-charges in Cupertino, they are in no hurry to create them. Think for yourself, what’s the point of releasing them if you can churn out ordinary silicon-based chargers that fail from time to time, although this happens extremely rarely. However, for now, Apple only has a GaN adapter for the 140W MacBook with a single connector, and so far left the smartphone versions at the mercy of third-party companies, including Belkin, Anker, and Baseus we know.

This is what Apple is preparing. Buy?

True, not so long ago it became known that Apple would release a 35 W GaN adapter: it was found by 9to5mac journalists in the technical support section. The document disappeared from the site after publication, and this can be considered as indirect confirmation.

Later, pictures of a new Apple adapter with two 35 W connectors leaked to the Network: in theory, two iPhones cannot be quickly charged from it, but you can connect an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time. Well, that will do.

Which GaN charger to choose

In general, choosing a GaN charger is incredibly easy. You just need to decide for yourself how much power you need and how many gadgets you plan to charge at the same time.

The adapter from Baseus will allow you to charge 2 devices at once at high power

You can take a closer look at the options from Baseus: such a 45 W adapter will allow you to charge two gadgets at once, the kit should also include a 1 meter cable. In general, the price justifies itself: roughly speaking, charging will probably live even longer than your iPhone.

Two connectors are good, three are better!

You can also look at an improved version of this power supply, which has three connectors at once (two of which are Type-C), and the power is already 65 W, which will allow you to charge your MacBook Air or several smaller gadgets.

Why bother with trifles when you can connect almost all devices to one outlet?

And there is also such a cool charger from Ugreen : it immediately gives out 100 W and has 4 connectors, of which the top two USB-C can work with 100 W power alternately, and the rest – 22.5 W each. The price looks very attractive, so you have to take it.

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