What amuses you the most when you look at people with smartphones? For example, for several years I have been trying to answer myself the question why some of them, even after several months from the date of purchase of a new gadget, do not risk removing the IMEI sticker from the back of the device. The motivations of such users are different: some explain their decision by laziness or an attempt to keep the “novelty” of the phone, others talk about the almost sacred significance of the white sticker. Let’s try to figure out why you need a sticker with IMEI , and whether it can be removed.

IMEI – what is it on the phone

As a rule, a white sticker on the back of the phone is accompanied by information about the place of manufacture of the device, the date of its release, and also demonstrates IMEI . The last abbreviation, which can be deciphered as “International Mobile Equipment Identity”, is of particular importance, since in 15 (and sometimes 17) digits it contains information about:

  • the national mobile regulator that registered the device (1-2);
  • gadget model number (3-8);
  • smartphone serial number (9-14).

The last digit is a verification code, and all together it is IMEI, which is tied to each smartphone radio module and, of course, is unique. You may need to know the identifier during the device authentication process, when handing it over for warranty service, and in case of theft, the IMEI allows you to determine the location of the gadget if it is connected to the internet.
If the smartphone supports two SIM cards , then you will have two IMEI.

Phone IMEI – myths

There are several myths about why you can not remove the IMEI sticker from a smartphone . The most popular is that without a white sticker, the device allegedly loses the right to warranty service, and the user will not be able to return it to the store in case of a malfunction. Such a judgment does not stand up to criticism, since IMEI is not tied to the cover of the smartphone, but to its radio module. Therefore, the service center has all the necessary options for checking the identifier even without a sticker.

The phone will be taken for warranty service even without a sticker

However, many people continue to wear a sticker on their phone , carefully covering it with a complete case. Someone thinks that a sticker soiled after several months of operation of the device will keep it new, and someone is simply lazy despite the fact that they were not too lazy to remove the shipping film from the gadget earlier. In both cases, the user looks as stupid as a person who never removes the tag from new clothes (because it will make the pants look newer, right?). But, unlike a tag, a sticker can leave an ugly mark on the body if it is not removed for a long time.

The only difficulty that you may encounter when removing the unfortunate sticker from the IMEI is the store’s refusal to return the money within 7 days from the date of purchase, if you simply did not like the phone. And this still does not mean that the first week you have to flaunt an IMEI sticker in front of all the passers-by. You can remove the sticker and put it in the box. It will be even more reliable, because the presentation of the smartphone will not suffer in any way, and the paper with IMEI will not get dirty.

Can the phone be found by IMEI

In parallel with the myth about the sacrality of the sticker, there is an opinion that IMEI in the wrong hands is a disaster for the owner of the phone. Some people claim that a person who knows your ID can pose as the owner of the device and report the theft to the police. Then Uncle Styopa will come to you and take away a new smartphone, because someone introduced himself as its real owner and provided irrefutable proof – IMEI.

Now think about what really confirms your possession of a smartphone: a purchase receipt with a bank card number and a device box or 15 digits of an identifier. No policeman will accept a theft report if someone just gives him the IMEI. Let me remind you that the identifier can only be useful for determining the geolocation of the device, since it is tied to the radio module, and not for confirming ownership of the gadget. But scammers have another technique that can get on your nerves if you forgot to remove the IMEI sticker.

Information about IMEI is not only on the sticker

Often, the owners receive a threat that someone hacked into the smartphone’s identifier in the database of stolen devices, and either a black funnel or an investigator with witnesses is about to come for you. You need to trust such a person no more than ordinary criminal, since you have a receipt confirming the purchase of the device. But the IMEI sticker still needs to be removed. So a bright square will not appear on the back of the smartphone when the sticker peels off by itself, and you definitely won’t have to waste time and nerves on another scammer.

IMEI check – phone settings

IMEI information is always available to the user

The unique identifier of a smartphone can be determined not only by the sticker on its cover, but also by other sources. A similar IMEI sticker is located on the smartphone box. Also, some manufacturers put it on the carriage for SIM-cards. Also, do not forget that the identifier is tied to the radio module, so all the necessary information is contained in the shell.

You can find your ID in several ways. For example, through the engineering menu, to get into which you need to click on the “Kernel version” several times in the “About phone” settings section. But the easiest way to determine IMEI is to enter the command *#06# through the dialer. In this case, the information will immediately appear on the screen, and you do not have to delve into the engineering menu.